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Fall Destinations - US
So, what is it about the US fall that takes you by storrm? Come autumn, many of America's national parks are at their most visually stunning. It's not only the fall foliage that amplifies their beauty, but also the waning light casting the landscape in an almost magical iridescence. And after the heat of summer, the crisp air offers a welcome reprieve.

Great Fall Destinations

Whether you prefer to drive through or hike through, these parks will prove unforgettable. Check out some of the must-visit great fall destinations; you would book your next fall vacation at the skip of a heartbeat, we bet!


Acadia National Park - Maine

The historic, unpaved carriage roads in Acadia National Park are closed to motorized vehicles, making for an idyllic setting to hike or bike the park's blazing reds, oranges, and yellows afforded by maple, birch, and poplar trees. Alternately, you can drive the scenic loop along the rocky coastline. We recommend doing both in this great fall gateway.


Crater Lake National Park - Oregon

The deep blue abyss of Crater Lake National Park collects in a dormant volcano crater surrounded by 2,000-foot cliffs. This is a breathtaking sight that's set in a harsh environment with a very short window for visits. Even in July, there's still snow on some of the hiking trails, and by mid-October you're too late—it's already winter again. The best time to visit is September, when the weather is crisp and the summertime tourists are long gone.


Grand Tenton National Park - Wyoming

The Tetons have large stands of deciduous trees—cottonwoods, aspen, willows— whose leaves blaze yellow and orange come fall, making it one of the great fall destinations. There's also plenty of wildlife action in Grand Teton National Park as elk spar and sound their mating bugle, bull moose search for a mate, and bears scramble for berries before hunkering down for hibernation.


Lassen Volcanic National Park - California

This area may be best known for it's volcanoes (all four types found in the world are represented here), but the remote wilderness of Lassen Volcanic National Park also serves up a splendid cornucopia of fall colors. The golden palette—courtesy of aspens, oaks, and sagebrush—paints a startling contrast to the crystal-blue lakes, giant lava pinnacles, steamy sulphur vents, and jagged craters.


Mount Rainier National Park - Washington

Fall foliage at Mount Rainier National Park is very different than in the more eastern parts of the country, but just as spectacular. Starting in late September, every huckleberry bush, aspen, cottonwood, vine maple, elderberry, willow, and tamarack (western larch), bursts into hues of gold, amber, and crimson.


Yosemitre National Park - California

The spectacular Yosemite National Park is mostly evergreen trees, and not known for its fall foliage. This makes it ideal for autumn visitors, who get the park's normally overrun granite cliffs, ancient giant sequoias, and waterfalls practically to themselves in October and November, which undoubteldly makes for a great fall gateway.


Rocky Mountain National Park - Colorado

The famous Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park tops out at over 12,000 feet, providing an exceptional vantage point to view the vibrant gold aspens. The park is dominated by a species known as the quaking aspen, which has a flat stem causing its leaves to quiver at the slightest breeze. The effect is mesmerizing in the sunlight.

7 Best Fall Getaways In The US

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Best Movies Travel
Movies have strange ability to connect with people instantly. Good movies not only entertain you but they have strange affinity to make you cry, laugh and inspire in real time. Movies are the way of life that takes you to the different world especially travel movies. Seeing Beautiful backdrop with eye capturing landscapes, snow wrapped mountain ranges or pristine and pure beaches in the flicks, somewhere rekindle our hidden desire of roaming around the world.

Travel Movies

Both Hollywood and Bollywood are filled with plenty of such movies that instigate your travel desire and inspire you to pack your bag and embark on a journey you have never taken before. Here we present a list of best travel movies of all the times, which will inspire you to full fill your dream of desired vacations.

Bombay to Goa

Bombay to Goa

Don’t miss this cult classic movie of 70’s starring Mega star Amitabh Bachchan and very talented Aruna Irani. The flick revolves around a bus and interesting characters that board bus one by one and string of events that leads into unexpected turn and twists, comedy and drama. Crazy passengers make it the must watch and would definitely take you on memorable journey.

Zindagi na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi na Milegi Dobara

I can bet that after watching this movie, you would overcome by strong urge to have at least one road trip with friends. It is the story of three friends and how their life changes during a road trip. Shot in picturesque location of Spain it is one of the best travel film ever made in India.

Jab we met
Jab We Met

The way director Imitaz Ali directed this move is commendable. It’s quite interesting flick where two people met by chance on a train and go through an adventurous journey. The movie whistles from Mumbai and then takes you to hilly landscape of Himachal and snakes through the roads of Manali and Shimla and ended with journey to the rural Punjab. This is the best flick to explore North India.



Highway is another movie that thrives on travel. Again directed by very talented Director Imtiaz Ali, the movie beautifully reels the Sangla valley in Himachal and takes you to the Aru valley and Chandanwari near Pahalgam. This action packed movie with extra bonanza of emotion and drama drives you along the highway of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab.

Yeh Jawani h Diwani

Yeh Jawani h Diwani

This is a story of studious Naina and heart throb bunny who acquitted each other to Manali. It is a beautiful flick that depicts the beauty of Himachal, Udaipur in Rajasthan, Gulmarg and Srinagar in Kashmir. It beautifully illustrate the grandeur of hill station Manali, Gulaba, Banjar , Hamta and Naggar.

The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited

After watching this movie you will definitely want to travel India once in life. This is story of three brothers who travel across India with a hope of bonding each other. While brother were on their spiritual journey, the movie takes you to the wonderful vistas of India.

Motor Cycle Diaries

The Motor Cycle Diaries

It is a biopic about the journey and written memoir of 23 year old Ernesto Guevara. The film recounts the 1952 expedition, initially by motorcycle, across South America by Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado. During this journey they have undergone a life transforming experience and explore the new aspects of Latin America.

The Bucket List

The Bucket List

An inspiring tale of two terminally ill men who escape from a cancer ward to a road trip with a wish list to do before they kick the bucket. It is one of the best movies that take you around the world. The duo can make you laugh and cry in real time. Their expedition includes skydiving, driving a Shelby Mustang, dinning at Chevre d’or in France, visit to Taj Mahal, India, riding motorcycles on the Great Wall of China, a lion safari in Africa, and visit to the base of Mt. Everest in Nepal.

Into the wild

Into the wild

One of the amazing flicks that depict the life struggle of a guy named Christopher McCandless in the wild. Based on a non-fiction book of the same name by Jon Krakauer, it is an American biographical drama survival film that revolves around Christopher who after graduating gave up all his saving to wander into the wild.

Seven years in Tibet

Seven Years in Tibet

Based on the true account of Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter, Australian mountain climbers, it is biographical war drama film. The story spins around Heinrich and peter that were at their mountaineering expedition in North of India when the World War II begins in 1939 and two were imprisoned due to their German citizenship. One day they escaped from the prison and reached Tibet where initially they were ordered to return to India but later they were welcomed at the holy city of Lasha. It is a flick worth watching.

Ten Best Travel Movies that Inspire You to Hit the Road

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Father Days
“That was when the world wasn't so big and I could see everywhere. It was when my father was a hero and not a human.”
In absolute truth to these words, the father has always proven to be his child’s ultimate hero; a girl’s first love and a boy’s best buddy. There is nothing that your father can’t fix, no harm will befall you when you dad is around... he is the only one you can look forward to when everyone else turn deaf ears to your woes. And just because you would love to show your sincerest gratitude to this selfless superhuman entity your life has been blessed with, the 21st of June is celebrated as the universal Father’s Day, just so daddy dearest gets all the appreciation he deserves for all the sacrifices he made.

Father Day

Now, there is nothing better than taking your old man on a vacation; you father can never be too old to travel. Based on the different types of dads’ holiday preferences, we have made an arduous attempt in drawing a list of some of the best holiday options that will make for the best gift for your old man this Father’s Day. Here we go.



Pristine white sands, clear blue waters, palm-fringed coastlines and some amazing seafood... sounds like a plan, eh? For those dads whose idea of a perfect vacation is sipping his day off into his favorite Piña Colada in a hammock by the sea, and doing nothing much except watching the waves, then a trip to the Andamans will prove to be his dream holiday. This Father’s Day, travel with your dad by taking him to one of the best beach destinations in the world.



If your dad’s is big on relaxing at some luxury resort with unending views of the clear, blue ocean along with some awesome seafood dinner on a private beach, then Maldives is your thing. Head over to this island paradise with your dad this Father’s Day and indulge in a sojourn in something as exquisite as can be.
As many as 100 islands in the Maldives archipelago are resorts; no wonder Maldives has always been a favorite destination for beach bums. Each of these resorts occupy single islands, and such are the standards they’ve set that the Maldives have become the benchmark for luxury hotels the world over.



For the foodie dad, there is no better place to eat than at Thailand which is the hub for some of the best street-food in the world. Relive your childhood memories with your foodie dad; take him on an extraordinary culinary journey where you both can savor delicious food. Thai cuisine is nothing short of sheer brilliance and is the perfect balance of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. A delicious combination of five key flavors; hot, sweet, sour, salty and bitter, Thai food is rich in flavor and texture, appealing to everyone who tastes it.

Ladakh Trip


If a wink sports on your father’s face as soon as you talk about a road trip, the just know he a die-hard adventure lover and is all charged up for a ride down some of the most bizarre terrains in the world. A Ladakh trip serves the purpose just fine. Take 10 days off and ride across the mind-boggling Himalayan Expressway; this will be the best gift for your adventure-seeking dad this Father’s day. As they say, your old timer is never too old to hit the road!



There is no better place for your wildlife-loving father than Kenya. Home to some of the most exotic and exciting wildlife, a safari in Kenya is one of the travel experiences you can gift your dad this Father’s Day. Kenya boasts of the most picturesque wildlife sanctuaries in the world with a plethora of wild animals that will get him all charged up. Your dad is going to love this trip for sure!

Holiday Ideas for Your Old Man on Father’s Day

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My attention suddenly reflected from an excellent desktop image. Abruptly, a vivid butterfly with open wings offered me a few fantasies with the mountain slants of Ladakh up to the white sands of Thailand. Here, I chose to really encounter the vibe of outside air, separated from the look of any PC screen saver.


Really, work anxiety is a typical issue that devoured us step by step, in a strategic manner. We basically miss the delightful piece of our life which everyone really deserves. Here the straightforward inquiry emerges, "By what means would we be able to restore ourselves from the long time working hours while sitting in a same stance?"

More From Secret

Gradually, our health slips down from own hands and it is the actual time to kick back. If you’ve still any doubt then have a look at following reasons, before to put your feet out of the door in this big world.

Travelling- a way to recollect thoughts

Road Trip

It's basic to all when we are abruptly bothered with the commotion of music, smell of smoke or just lose our attention on work. Here no medication is helpful to return backs our imagination area or most loved tastes.

Door Light

The best option is put the step outside of comfort zone and attempt to redesign your considerations in a great way. A new place is incredible to get a casual and smooth feeling.

Love Couple Happiness Hug Smile

Activate your brain with travelling

Girl Living Life

Always, there is no need of crossword like puzzles for the strength of brain. A new environment works as a fresh frame of mind. Tasting new food and route of unfamiliar places are the pathways to boost up the building effect of brain.


Forget your annoying disorders with travelling

Travel Essential

Thanks to God, for this gorgeous land which works as a perfect medicine for our routine partners like headaches, weakness and migraines.

Honeymoon Couple

In the quality time of vacations, we’re totally apart from the term “deadline” regarding our office tasks and invest a decent energy for our inward bliss. It’s not necessary to pick out any foreign destination. One can simply select ancestral hometown for the inner peace.

Happy Family

Vacations, a necessity for Homemakers


In simple words, homemakers are the unpaid employees for a lifetime. Even, research also reveals that they have higher levels of stress than others.


So, their vacation need is truly on higher priority. Holidays are simply a break to re-energize body from the routine schedule.

Travelling with Children

A break for your happy and loud heartbeat

Road Trip

With the busy schedule, no one has the time to properly take care about the health of his internal organs. Vacations are a process to cut down the health risks, especially heart related disorders.

Clean Fresh Air

Improve your decision making sense

Decision Making

Drive back home over the packed streets in every night just gives the possibility of self-centered choices in a person.


While seeking the worldwide miracles is a superior and different option for getting the change for both individual and in addition professional life. This mystical arrangement gives us a free state of musings for a superior change in well-being and mental peace.


Overcome your stress

Child Relaxing

Ever imagine the unique concept of office work within comfortable night dress or holding your girlfriend’s bag instead of yours. It is simply a vacation theme where your mind ready to touches sky limits. Travelling is an outstanding way to drop down your stress level, miraculously.

Laughing Girl

Travelling as a good exercise


Frankly, we all in a hurry and don’t have time for physical workout. The lazy feeling on every morning is always with us and we easily skip out the jogging and related exercises from our schedule.


Travelling is a way to perform our hidden wishes. For example, walking tour is a perfect way to get an immense dedication and strength of the body.


Great positivity and freshness in air while travelling

Fresh Air

Leisure is a perfect way to gain the health benefits without any limit. A person can easily perform his childish activities in this great time. With lots of experience, a traveler achieves the ability to collect positive thoughts along the energetic sunlight, pristine coastlines and clean & purified air.


Gain the real value of home in a new way

Good Morning

A single thought of being far away from home, sounds an unpleasant sense. But, for getting this value in a real way there is need of some outing. This refreshing outdoor feeling is a formula to realize the importance of home.

Travelling Kids

It is guaranteed that you’ll surely cherish on little things and get the best feeling in your sweet home. Here, travel is not about any overpriced project or some competitive task with neighbors.

Cow Girl

Simply, it is a trip to land which works as a lifetime medicine in a form of a trek to mountains, scuba diving session or travel to an unseen place.

Ten Ways How Travel Proves To Be The Best Medicine

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