Switzerland is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe one can spend an entire honeymoon just by observing Snow covered mountains and amazing picture-perfect lakes. If you are looking for a perfect place to be on your honeymoon with the love of your life then choose Switzerland in your Europe honeymoon packages. Read the article to get to know the best places in Switzerland to enhance the love in your honeymoon.

Observe the beauty of Oberalp Pass through the Glacier Express: Scenic Splendor

While visiting Europe do not miss out the chance of boarding the unique trip to Oberalp Pass in Switzerland. You can take a ride from the Furka-Oberalp railway station that travels through the middle of the place and offers restricted access through the reservation.

Or you can just say goodbye to the complications and appreciate its view while traveling in the Glacier Express which is a direct train that normally takes you from St. Moritz to Zermatt. En route, the train journey provides you with extraordinary views of the snow-covered Alps while blending its way through 91 tunnels, narrow valleys, 291 bridges, and tight curves.

Traveling in this train for extraordinary landscapes is amongst the best things one could do in Switzerland especially in winter. The special feel is pass on by the large quantities of snow presently on the Oberalp Pass which gives a perfect view of the snow covered white valleys.

Mt. Pilatus: Amazing Alps

Located adjoining to the city of Lucerne, Mt. Pilatus is more than 2 kilometer tall mountain that attracts tourists to excite in the outstanding landscapes of Swiss Alps. You can conveniently reach here by means of a cable car while taking pleasure in the thrilling views of Alps.

At this magnificent venue, you not only delighted by the charming sights around where you can also take up various numbers of trips with the love of your life for exceptional winter walks. You must include this location to your list of numbers of destinations you want to explore in Switzerland in winter Switzerland honeymoon packages for an amazing and memorable Swiss vacationing experience.

Lucerne: Scenery & Sports

Sitting at the picturesque Lake Lucerne with the background of wonderful surroundings of the snow-covered Alps with your partner is all you need in your honeymoon. Lake Lucerne Region dons a magnificent cover of deep snow in winter. Posted among the specific Switzerland sight-seeing attractions in winter, the area is a place that draws the attention of thousand of snow-savvy skiers, snowboarders, and tourists every year.

The elegance of the area intrigues both the soul and the body as you take up marvelous winter strolls with your partner.

St Gallen: Christmas Cheer

St Gallen is a lively addition to any checklist of Switzerland sight-seeing opportunities in winter that one must check out in their Switzerland honeymoon packages from India. But pay a visit to Switzerland during Christmas time for highest possible holiday spree. The old town provides beautiful surroundings with its ancient old houses, snow-covered streets, car-free roads and an energetic ambiance oozing festive excitement.

The place witnesses the tallest Christmas tree in entire Switzerland, which is lighted by 6,000+ lights during Christmas time. Get some pictures clicked with your lover by the sight of an impressive Christmas tree in front of the remarkable beauty of St Gallen & enjoy the Christmas charisma phoning carols and taking pleasure in free mulled wine.

Switzerland a truly Honeymoon Paradise of Europe

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If you want to enjoy the perfect honeymoon then Australia is the place for you. Australia is a crazy, outrageous and wonderful place, a land whose color palette of reddish outback beaches and multicolor reefs composes stylish cities and soulful native stories. Feel the beauty of Australia with your partner on your Australia honeymoon packages.

Take A Dip In Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs in Melbourne

Seize the day at the Enchanted Adventure Garden and make a visit to the Sunny Shape Strawberry Farm or try some wine in their winery. Treat yourself to a wonderful day on the Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula with a one day trip. Chill out with a soothing dip in natural hot springs, and taste local flavor with a delightful regional lunch and wine tasting. Make a visit at a local strawberry farm and try our some different fruits, depending on the season you can visit Winery to taste the regional favorite wine and attend the wine tasting ceremony, and check out the Captivated Experience Garden for an evening of open-air fun. From bush mazes and hurdle courses to a massive tube slide, there is something for every person at the family-friendly gardens.

Enjoy a calming dip in the Peninsula Hot Springs in Melbourne, where mineral-rich hot waters come from ancient springs below ground and collected into a wide range of pools enclosed by relaxing landscape designs. You can have a few hours of pleasurable time to loosen up at facilities such as a reflexology walk, thermal stream gully, hydrotherapy pool, and sauna. Don't forget to bring your own swimsuit and a towel. Next, fulfill your taste buds with a scrumptious meal at a community eatery followed by a daily wine tasting ceremony. In the evening, be connected to your inner child a spend some time with your partner at the Enchanted Adventure Garden, presenting biggest tube slide par in Australia and elaborate hedge mazes will blow your mind. Try to find some way out of the puzzles, and walk among the whimsical gardens.

Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling 

Recommended enhancements for a semi-submersible yacht, novice or a helicopter ride to innovative scuba diving offer a personalized experience to enjoy on this magnificent Great Barrier Reef trip. Stick with the special trip organized for a world-class snorkeling experience at the Great Barrier Reef trip which is listed in the UNESCO-listed reef. After an amazing reef experience, try out some Australian BBQ lunch. Plus, touring by luxurious boats which are super fast and give you more time to invest on the reef. Irrespective of your snorkeling capability, the instructor provides to help you.

Sydney Opera House

One of the most legendary structures around the world is the Sydney Opera House. It is a structural Mona Lisa and brilliant performance space. It's an area where the events are challenged and festivals are celebrated. Step within the premises and uncover the stories of the events that make this Opera House so motivating. Whether you are a regional local or a vacationer, a newbie or an expert, the Sydney Opera House has always something for everyone. Fell the romantic aura near the monument and click some amazing pictures with your partner on your Australia honeymoon packages from India.

Sydney Harbour Bridge 

Observing the city center and stroll around the North Shore near the Harbour Bridge is all you need on your honeymoon. Sydney Harbour Bridge is a wide metallic arch bridge recognized for its magnificence as well as functionality, giving an easy way for cars, bikes, trains, and pedestrians to cross. While the more adventurous can do it to climb to the apex of the structure, anyone who is daring enough can enjoy an easy walk for free on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Amazing things to do on your Honeymoon in Australia

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Come check out some of the most amazing and lively cities to visit in New Zealand. New Zealand usually gets most of tourists who want to explore some spectacular nature,  glaciers and natural creatures. The nation is generally made for traveling, particularly if you are on your honeymoon and your love the outdoors. But not every little thing which is exciting in New Zealand happens from the wild forests. The stunning cities and magnificent towns of New Zealand have plenty of things to offer its tourists.


The social capital of New Zealand. If you want to indulge in quirky spots then you’re at the right spot. Also, Wellington is also called as ‘Windy Wellington this is due to the fact that Wellington’s sat on an awesome harbor. Wellington is the most amazing and beautiful place in New Zealand. Cuba Street is a genuine fave for nightclubs, dining establishments, coffee shops, bookstores, and street shops. Make sure you pay a visit to check out the Finest Ugly Bagels of New Zealand for getting the lifetime memories. Climb up the Mount Victoria with your partner for capturing the breathtaking views or take a drive to the Wellington Cable Car and reach to the top up to the Botanical Gardens.

If you want to check out the social and cultural offerings of Wellington, there’s no much better area to check out than the Te Papa museum and this museum is free for everybody. You could invest days in that place if you are an art lover. When the choices are so good in Wellington, it utterly justifies to make an appearance in this list.


The prime party and excitement capital of New Zealand, Queenstown is a well-known location for travelers. With a humming vibe, you’ll certainly not be short of a party here. Be certain to pay a visit to Minus 5° Ice Bar which is one of the amazing places to visit in Queenstown, even if it’s only for getting your pics clicked.

In Queenstown, there’s plenty of things to do that can get your soul refreshed. The Bungy jumping from the highest point in New Zealand exists here, called the Nevis Bungy. It’s around 134m high over the surface. If you want more thrill, try out the Swing and Ledge Bungy too. There’s also the cable car popular as Skyline Gondola, that usually takes you exact 450m above Queenstown. To get down from such a height you can hike.


Regardless of the harmful earthquakes in 2011 and 2016, This town is regaining and regrowing to be better than it was before. Give this city an opportunity, it may possibly just win your heart. Check out the amazing art and galleries in Canterbury Museum.

If you are a morning person kind of traveler and a little extravagant, make your visit to Bunsen Cafe to get the best breakfast. Christchurch is a place you can take your family on a family trip and spend some amazing time with your family. Book your New Zealand holiday package to explore this calm and tranquil place.


Only a few hours away from Christchurch, Kaikoura is the dream of every ocean lover. This seaside town also called as crayfish in regional dialect, so it makes much more sense that crayfish is on the top of every menu here. Head out to the ocean for diving while in the right time of year and get the chance to observe amazing aquatic life such as seals, dolphins, orcas, and whales. Get your cameras ready and click some breathtaking pictures of the nature.


Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand, with more than 1.5m people living here. Auckland some time neglected as just a normal big city but we surely this place has much more than that. With a trendy and expanding social scene in locations like Newmarket, Ponsonby or on the side pavements off Queen Street, you can shop here with your entire family. Plus, when you’ve acquired the Hunua Ranges to discover, hiking ops on Rangitoto Island or surfing in nearby Piha, there’s definitely a great deal to cash in your New Zealand holiday tour packages.

Most Beautiful Cities To Visit In New Zealand

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Some things can't be described in words you can only observe the beauty after you get there. Leh and Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir region have some mesmerizing beauty with some amazing lakes and picturesque scenery. However, this is my first story and I will try to write down my experience of solo traveling. My only companion was my bike. I just make an itinerary and left home to get an amazing and adventurous experience I had ever dream of.

The moment I entered the hilly area of Himalaya range in Jammu and Kashmir, I was pretty much sure this is heading to be my most memorable experience, and I stay of 10 days but in 10 days I left all the worries and anxiety back and live my life the way I always wanted. I was speechless when I first saw the place Leh is definitely a worth place to explore once in a lifetime.  It took me some time to get used to the geographical conditions of the place as this place is at around 3000 m high from sea level and some tourists complain about a problem in breathing this is due to the fact that at such height the level of oxygen in Atmosphere is low.

After two to three days of adjusting myself in the rough environmental condition, I finally got the actual time to explore Lef region. Pangong Tso lake also known as the Azure Lake. Sunset at this place creates a spellbinding time you can enjoy while having a small campfire and sipping some hot coffee.

Leh and Ladakh are counted as one of the best places for hiking and trekking making it a popular destination among hikers. I decided to give my bike a rest and start my trekking in Bara-lacha la and this place has a gorgeous emerald green color lake named as Suraj tal which means Sun lake. Bara-lacha la, Zoji La, and Taglang La are easy to tough trekking place according to my personal experience but all offered some magnificent and stunning landscapes with panoramic views. I was happy to get some help with clicking my pictures, locals are really nice and friendly people.

After these small trekking, it was time for some challenging activities to test my own endurance. Chadar Frozen River trek was amazing. This place is more than 6000 meters high and it was not really easy to reach to the top. So I was, making my way although in very slow speed but it was constant, stopping occasionally. I listen to each and every single detail given by my instructor and slow and steady, finally, I made it I reached to the top of Nakeela at 15547 feet high and I can see entire region from the summit. you just can feel that experience can't explain in words. It is truly a nirvana. Had some tea and Maggie at the top of the trek and believe me that was the best tea I ever tasted.

People say hiking and trekking in Leh and Ladakh is an experience you should feel once in a lifetime. Ladakh hiking trails bring you via tough lands and breathtaking pastures, and shepherds shepherding their sheep are some of the main highlights of the place. Siachen is the world's highest battleground locate in Karakorum range. It feel amazing to ride a bike on such height.

  On the last day, I tried some paragliding and have some local food and it was out of the world. If you are planning your trip to Leh and Ladakh then Make sure you taste their local food and have some herbal tea. My trip was organized by Antilog Vacations and they really took care of all my needs and requirements. In my personal experience, this is the best northern remote place in entire north India.

My first ever Adventure solo traveling to Leh and Ladakh India

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Maldives is a beautiful destination specially for honeymooners. Meeru Island is the best location you can choose for your Maldives honeymoon packages. It has all the elements from lush greenery to tropical beach locations. You can spend your entire vacation on this Island. Read the article to get indulge in numbers of water sports activities in this tropical paradise.

Experience the ocean bed and coral reefs in Snorkeling 

Meeru Resort & Spa in the Maldives is famous for its Snorkeling Trail at the north side of the island. Meeru island offers some of the best snorkeling and swimming experience in the Maldives, Meeru island allowing you to swim along with the multicolor fish just a few steps away from the main beach. Effortlessly seen sailing buoys draw attention of the tourists in the pathway which you follow to get to the snorkeling location and back to the seaside. An Island Map is suitably placed near the Northern Reception area and at other locations around the Island.  This is the best way to spend your honeymoon trip to Maldives.

Explore the deeper side of the Meers Island in Scuba Diving

Make it possible for yourself to move through the dark blue waters of the Indian Ocean near Meeru Island and discover the elegance of the marine world. Meers Island offers a fascinatingly wide range of programs which can be enjoyed by any beginner to any professional. At least one of these programs will satisfy your dreams. The Euro-Divers Diving Team greets all guests who not only desire to appreciate the high-class experience of the stunning diving sites around Atoll of North Male but are also searching for one thing special with your partner on your honeymoon packages for Maldives.

Meeru is enclosed by a huge, gorgeous lagoon. There is no house in close proximity to just some alone time and complete privacy. The lagoon is residence to an excellent variety of aquatic life with exciting coral formations and vibrant life in shallow water. It is ideal for Scuba Diving training. The normal water temperature is around 25 to 28 degrees Celsius and the field of vision from The month of January to the month of May is about 30m to 55m and from July to January is 10m to 20m.

If not an actual water lover then opt for Land Sports in Meeru.

Indulge in numbers of sports facilities available in Meeru island. Meeru offers a wide range of sports activities facilities such as Petanque, football field, darts, billiards, table tennis, beach volleyball,  fitness center,  badminton court,  bicycle rental, 9 hole pitch & putt, driving range, golf course,  lighted tennis courts etc. Perfect your swing movement with 9 hole golf in Maldives. Situated in the middle of the isle, next to the Golf Range. All the equipment for land sports from golf to tennis can be rented from the Sports Center.

Feel the energy in the ocean and spend some time in the Water Sports Center

An add-on to Scuba diving and Snorkeling, there is a wide range of other water sports activities for Meeru guests to appreciate the beautiful beach. Some include glass bottom boat,  kayaking, catamaran, windsurfing, and motorized sports. Tools and gears can be booked before your visit to Meeru islands and make them the part of you Maldives honeymoon packages from India.

Water Sports assistance are subject matter to accessibility and climate conditions. Loss, Damage, etc, to the equipment, tool, and gear will be charged to the visitor at maintenance or replacement value.

Number of Water sports activities to get indulge in Meeru island-Maldives

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Italy is a mysterious place at any the time of the year, but it has a special charm in winter which enhances its elegance. From snow-covered mountains and alpine ski goes to peaceful city breaks and a touch of Mediterranean rising sun, Italy in winter season is certain to leave an impression on you and it is one of the prime destination honeymooners choose in their Europe honeymoon packages.


The wonderful city of Italy is a fantastic location to check out during the winter weeks. The interesting attractions and scenery are silent, and the air more lucid than during the summer season when air pollution and crowds of people can take away from the environment. From beautiful baroque architecture to gondola rides, from fabulous food to tasty wine, Venice has something for everyone. If absolutely nothing else, just relax with a cup of coffee with your partner in St Mark’s Square, and take pleasure in looking at Venice go by Italian style.

There are plenty of things to do in Venice such as make a wish for a mild snowfall for the most marvelous experience,  Take a gondola ride through the fog. The surroundings in winter turn into even more magical (best for photographs!) and there are fewer crowds of people, which means no jostling of gondola rides in the stream. What to take with you when you are visiting Venice, It is a city of vogue, you’ll observe stylish suits and fur coats in plethora, be sure to choose your attire which keeps you warm. Best time to visit in Venice is From January to February when Venice is at its best, cold and crisp with bright clear sunny days.


Palermo, the capital city of Sicily is an excellent base for discovering this incredible island. In Dec and early Jan, you will find a large numbers of Christmas decorated markets adding elegance to its appeal. One can also attempt the seaside town of Cefalu for a wonderful seaside and ancient charm. If you’re searching for a great ambiance and want to enjoy the winter sun, than Palermo is a place where you can find enjoyable weather conditions with a warm and welcome ambiance during the winter months. Sicily is the best place to choose in your Italy honeymoon packages from India.

There are plenty of things to do in Palermo such as go to Termini Imerese, which is just half an hour travel from the main city, Palermo. The township holds the holiday season nativity play in the avenues, so you are in fact a part of the performance. It is not to be missed experience even if you are not a religious person. One of the best time to check out Palermo is that Sicily is pleasurable throughout the winter season, you can make your visit in Jan or Feb for a high dose of warmer sun in comparison to the winters of the remaining Europe. But if you want to spend your time watching and buying some wonderful Christmas gifts or do some Christmas purchasing then December is the best time for you.


The most amazing time to check out Rome in Winter season is from Nov to Dec. The capital of Italy is calmer in the winter but no much less gorgeous, and with fewer crowds of people you can discover illustrates such as the Roman Forum and the Vatican museums and at a much more relaxed pace. Alongside with a variety of designers stores, you’ll discover lots of options for art and craft in Rome’s narrow twisting pavement. And after a hard day of strolling around the city, the city offers numerous pubs and bars which at this time of the season are less crowded and cheaper.

There are plenty of things to do in Rome such as you can shop till you drop as Rome is the best time in winters to cash in the opportunity to have some cheap winter shopping. The best time to visit Rome is in Dec, Rome comes in existence with the arrangements for the Christmas holiday which includes the stunning nativity picture of St Peter’s Square. Book your Italy honeymoon packages to make your trip a memorable one.

An amazing getaway for upcoming best winter Honeymoon Places in Italy

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France has been connected with amazing romance for ages. If you want to spend your honeymoon at the best place in Europe then France is the place for you. Almost all Europe honeymoon packages include France in it. France is certainly among the best honeymoon vacation spots in Europe, especially in Winter. You might have a difficult time choosing the locations to check out in France, so we have narrow down our the best honeymoon choices recommendation in this country.

Aquitaine – An idyllic countryside

Pleasing all types of honeymoon couples, Aquitaine has mountains, ancient sites, beaches and that enchanting countryside you’ve been looking for your honeymoon, all these factors make it among the leading honeymoon locations in winter in Europe. The winter seasons here are comfy and if you’re an adventure lover couple you can invest your entire day at the beach surfing and stroll around the beach with your partner.

You cannot move out of this area without getting the flavor of its wine beverages, which is of the best quality and is amongst the finest you’ll get in France. The couple has the best honeymoon experiences here. Indulge in numbers of activities such as Sip in one of the finest French wines, Go for a heritage walk, you’ll be impressed to perceive the architectural mastery and the historical past of this area, Surf in the beaches of Aquitaine. Some of the best places to stay in Aquitaine are Chateau De Lalande, Le Boutique Hotel Bordeaux, Intercontinental Bordeaux, Yndo Hotel, and Les Sources De Caudalie.

Nice – The nicest hideout in France

The capital place of French Riviera, Nice with its thousands of year old historical past attracts honeymoon couples from all over the world. This is what an ideal honeymoon couple wants, an energetic city with luxurious ancient monuments, pleasant seaside and marketplaces surging with impressive knick and knacks. Nice is the nicest place to take the best out of France honeymoon packages.

Get the best honeymoon experiences by indulging in many activities such as watching man-made waterfalls with your loved one, enjoy the Nice cityscape from Castle Hills, observe the heart and soul provoking view of French Riviera, Explore the city on the tram, Taste the beer sorbet in Fenocchio, take your taste buds on a ride to one of best ice cream parlors of the city, Take an early morning stroll by means of the multicolored Cours Saleya Flower Market, Make sure you’re dressed in comfortable shoes as one has to climb up stone steps to get to the top of the Castle hills. Some of the best places to stay for honeymoon are Hotel Negresco, Mercure Nice Promenade des Anglais Hotel, Hotel Le Grimaldi, Nice Centre Grimaldi, and Hotel Mercure.

Paris – The true spelling of love 

When imagining of romance, Paris undoubtedly hits the mind. Absolutely this is one of the most loving, enchanting and romantic cities in the world. Style, wine beverages, architectural design mastery, occasions, ambiance, you just name it and you’ll get the finest quality from all over the world. Paris in Winter season is an excellent time to check out this wonderful city, the roads are less populated and dressed up in white snow creating an amazing aura for romantic honeymoon. Paris is called as the City of Lights, as we also know Paris as, becomes even more sparkling in the winter season, as this is the season when Christmas arrives and everything is covered in snow. If you search for the best France honeymoon packages from India, pairs will be at the top of the search. 

Some of the best things to do in Paris are, trying ice skating on the rinks, Go for a loving stroll together with your partner at the Seine river during amazing sunset, Shop in the conventional Paris Xmas Marketplaces, Go for a passionate long drive in a Vintage Citroen, tango on the Seine banks until twilight. Best places to stay for a honeymoon are Hotel Romance Malesherbes by Patrick Hayat, 9 Hotel Opera, Crowne Plaza Paris-Republique, Luxembourg Parc, and Mandarin Oriental.

Best Winter Honeymoon Destination in France

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Malaysia is the place where you can spend your holiday in the completely relaxed way. Here you can cut off all the hustle and bustle of busy city life and just enjoy with your partner at some of the unique and uncommon places in Malaysia. Get ready to explore the place like never before. You can be the part of nature or you can feel free to less crowded beaches to stroll around with your lover. Read the article to choose some destination in your Malaysia holiday packages from India.

Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Sarawak

The Semenggoh Nature Reserve can best be explained as an orangutan sanctuary. Rescued and saved orangutans from all over the places are reintroduced into the wild woodlands and given a new chance to flourish and reproduce to improve their falling species. It’s a perfect place to watch these brilliant animals in their natural environment. In addition, many types of unique colorful birds can also be observed here, creating an ideal destination for enthusiastic birdwatchers. An additional beneficial point out is the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation and Recovery Center in the amazing and lush green Forest Reserve in Sabah. The center nurses orphaned and abandoned orangutans and provide them for spending their lives in the open wild. You can also be the part of the good cause and adopt one if you want to. Plan your honeymoon package for Malaysia to observe these creatures from very close.

Kinabatangan, Sabah

The Kinabatangan River located in Sabah is the 2nd lengthiest river in Malaysia and it is the most amazing place you can visit on your honeymoon with a lush green surrounding area including pleasant environments, lowland forests, mangrove, swamp, limestone caves, and it is home to a significant ecology of wildlife. You can spot Asian elephants and have a close look at them with a proper guide at Kinabatangan. Most notably, you’ll be able to identify the extraordinary Bornean hornbill, the representative bird of adjoining Sarawak. You may also take a cruise along the river through the dense woodlands as you find and observe various flora and fauna. Kinabatangan, Sabah is a great place to choose in your Malaysia honeymoon packages to spend some alone time with your partner.

UK Argo Farm, Johor

The UK Argo Farm is the best place to visit in your honeymoon. This is completely calm and relaxed place where you can spend your entire trip just by observing nature and the amazing lush green panoramic view from your hotel room. Apart from the stunning scenery, the farm specializes in goat and sheep dairy products. Guests will be able to observe the procedure of nourishing and milking the baby sheep and goat and even cuddle them. The Zenxin Organic Farm is one of the largest of its kind in entire Malaysia and a must-see educational and for a fun visit. This is a hidden gem of delicious food. Plan your honeymoon trip to Malaysia to experience all this on your honeymoon.

Batu Caves, Selangor

Batu Caves in Selangor is one of the most significant Cultural Heritage religious sites in Malaysia. Every year, throughout the Hindu festival of Thaipusam, millions of devout worshipers visit the area and climb up all the way up to the temple cave just to seeking some blessing. This temple is quite popular among honeymooners. The interior of Batu Caves is quite impressive with a natural network of limestone caves which were earlier were inhabited by the indigenous tribes of Malaysia. When it is not the festival time or it’s not being crowded during spiritual celebrations, Batu Caves is the most preferred site for cave exploration and rock climbing among the tourists.

Unique and amazing elements of Malaysia to experience on your Holiday

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Bangkok which is the capital city of Thailand,  also known as the traffic jam capital of the world, It is an amazing, interesting and unbelievable city to check out and explore with your lover. Like many other capital places which never sleep, Bangkok is also a place that never take rests you can always found people roaming around the place, there is always lots of activity is going on the street even in the mid night as the people of Thailand work around the clock 24*7 in their several professions.

With around eight million residents residing within the town, you will find yourself experiencing every move of life, from the extremely poor to the ultra rich they all assemble in the one place and each and everyone feels at home as the other. Thailand gives honeymooners a wide range of varieties to spend their honeymoon in a numerous way and you can chose from thousands of Thailand honeymoon packages.

Visit Wat Pho To See The Reclining Buddha

A visit to Wat Pho is always on the top priority of any honeymooners for seeking some blessing and spend some alone time in the silent garden. It is the property of earlier a monastery and now there is fifteen meters tall and forty-six meters long statue of the Reclining Buddha. The whole statue is coated with gold paint and it looks amazing when you get closer. There are around 108 bowls inside the temple. You can receive the traditional Thai massage at the bottom of the temple and feel the new spirit inside you.

Visit the Grand Palace

Grand Palace is one of the amazing and most visited places in Bangkok. The Grand Palace is one of the most favourite destination in entire Thailand. The palace once in ancient time was the residence of Thailand's king as well as the location where all the government related work carried out in Thailand. A vacation to the Grand Palace can take several hours as there are over 21.4 hectares to cover. Be informed of possible scams just pay the entrance fee only one time and rest all places within the palace can be freely explored.

Ride the Sky Train

There is only one easiest way to get all over Thailand at any speed while keeping you cool and that is to hop on board one of the sky trains which are used as the most common mode of transport. Enjoy the romantic ride on the train and get to your desired destination in a cheap way. With air-conditioned coaches, you can travel in any part of Thailand and there is no superior way to get around. You will get the amazing view as you are high above the never-ending traffic below. With almost every part of Thailand, you could make your travel simple, cheap and less time consuming with the help of the train. 

Take a trip around and bargaining in Chatuchak Market

If you like shopping in the local market and you are really good at bargaining then this is the place for you. With more than 9000 stalls covering 109265 square meters of space, this is one of the biggest markets in the entire world. Open only on every Saturday and Sunday it draws the attention of around 200,000 visitors daily, you will find almost everything you could ever imagine at cheap prices. A purchase of a souvenir is a must on your Thailand Holiday Tour Packages.

Thailand is an amazing country with big heart and you can enjoy your honeymoon by shopping, beach walking, getting massages etc. Surely you won't regret.

Some crazy idea to spice up your honeymoon in Thailand

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