Switzerland a truly Honeymoon Paradise of Europe

Switzerland is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe one can spend an entire honeymoon just by observing Snow covered mountains and amazing picture-perfect lakes. If you are looking for a perfect place to be on your honeymoon with the love of your life then choose Switzerland in your Europe honeymoon packages. Read the article to get to know the best places in Switzerland to enhance the love in your honeymoon.

Observe the beauty of Oberalp Pass through the Glacier Express: Scenic Splendor

While visiting Europe do not miss out the chance of boarding the unique trip to Oberalp Pass in Switzerland. You can take a ride from the Furka-Oberalp railway station that travels through the middle of the place and offers restricted access through the reservation.

Or you can just say goodbye to the complications and appreciate its view while traveling in the Glacier Express which is a direct train that normally takes you from St. Moritz to Zermatt. En route, the train journey provides you with extraordinary views of the snow-covered Alps while blending its way through 91 tunnels, narrow valleys, 291 bridges, and tight curves.

Traveling in this train for extraordinary landscapes is amongst the best things one could do in Switzerland especially in winter. The special feel is pass on by the large quantities of snow presently on the Oberalp Pass which gives a perfect view of the snow covered white valleys.

Mt. Pilatus: Amazing Alps

Located adjoining to the city of Lucerne, Mt. Pilatus is more than 2 kilometer tall mountain that attracts tourists to excite in the outstanding landscapes of Swiss Alps. You can conveniently reach here by means of a cable car while taking pleasure in the thrilling views of Alps.

At this magnificent venue, you not only delighted by the charming sights around where you can also take up various numbers of trips with the love of your life for exceptional winter walks. You must include this location to your list of numbers of destinations you want to explore in Switzerland in winter Switzerland honeymoon packages for an amazing and memorable Swiss vacationing experience.

Lucerne: Scenery & Sports

Sitting at the picturesque Lake Lucerne with the background of wonderful surroundings of the snow-covered Alps with your partner is all you need in your honeymoon. Lake Lucerne Region dons a magnificent cover of deep snow in winter. Posted among the specific Switzerland sight-seeing attractions in winter, the area is a place that draws the attention of thousand of snow-savvy skiers, snowboarders, and tourists every year.

The elegance of the area intrigues both the soul and the body as you take up marvelous winter strolls with your partner.

St Gallen: Christmas Cheer

St Gallen is a lively addition to any checklist of Switzerland sight-seeing opportunities in winter that one must check out in their Switzerland honeymoon packages from India. But pay a visit to Switzerland during Christmas time for highest possible holiday spree. The old town provides beautiful surroundings with its ancient old houses, snow-covered streets, car-free roads and an energetic ambiance oozing festive excitement.

The place witnesses the tallest Christmas tree in entire Switzerland, which is lighted by 6,000+ lights during Christmas time. Get some pictures clicked with your lover by the sight of an impressive Christmas tree in front of the remarkable beauty of St Gallen & enjoy the Christmas charisma phoning carols and taking pleasure in free mulled wine.


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