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A honeymoon is a way to celebrate a marriage and spend some alone time with your partner. Any couple tied in a wedded bliss surely deserves a romantic tour that would allow them to relax and to get to know each other. Turkey is the place for you, Instead of a taking island trip, you can discover cities which provide you picture-perfect beautiful scenery.

Stroll Around The Magnificent Bosphorus Bridge

Taking a walk around the Bosphorus Straight and get greeted by the spectacular views of the bridge. It is one of the places in Turkey which connects Europe to Asia. A computerized color changing LED light system that creates different patterns and enhances the beauty and illuminates the bridge at night. Makes it a perfect place for you to spend a lovely romantic evening with someone you love. Make sure to get the right Turkey Honeymoon Packages From India, so that you won’t miss this breathtaking view.

Cappadocia- The Place To Fly High

If you want to explore the beauty of Cappadocia city of Istanbul. Then be adventurous one and Fly high in a hot air balloon at whimsical Cappadocia. It is known for its fascinating landscape and one of the best way to explore the city from the above which is none other than in a hot air balloon. Enjoy the ride with the partner on your honeymoon from Turkey Honeymoon Packages as you float around the Cappadocia and capture the breathtaking panoramic views of turkey.

Honeymoon Special Can't-Miss Bosphorus Strait Cruise

If you’re in Turkey, a cruise in the majestic Bosphorus strait is the best thing at romanticism. For a wonderful experience, you may choose for a romantic candlelight dinner cruise as you enjoy the mouth-watering meals of the luxuriousness of Turkish cuisine while cruising. Have a romantic aura around you on your honeymoon, to get the true essence of love.

Get A Close Look At the Glorious Antalya

Antalya is the next best spot in Turkey for honeymooners. It offers more than you can ever imagine. The crystal clear water and silky sand beaches are enough to make your honeymoon more memorable. Besides the rich and glorious history, it has also fancy cafes and restaurants where you can spend your lovely evening with your beloved. The best way to shuttle around the town of Kaleici is walking down the narrow stone streets to explore the Ottoman houses and historic Roman ruins along the area.

Haghia Sophia- The True Gem of Turkey

Get ready for history lesson 101. Haghia Sophia is a great place for art and history lover. When you’re in Istanbul, a tour of splendid Haghia Sophia is a must visit. Discover the true history of the architecture that takes you 2000 years ago. Once this majestic monument is a church, then for many centuries it became a mosque and now it eventually settled as a museum attracting thousands of visitors in a day.  

Prime Destinations to plan your honeymoon trip to Turkey

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