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Mauritius is a volcanic island and it has numerous spectacular peaks and summits to observe on foot. The region is well recognized for its lush green beauty. Mark Twain a well-known author, once said that heaven was made after Mauritius.

Mauritius features many trekking places in its reserves, around the summits. Each summit provides one of a kind picturesque sight of the most incredible paradise. Hiking in Mauritius in such a beautiful places like the Le Pouce where the local woodlands and birds can be seen, or trekking and campaigning to Mauritius' zeniths like Black River Gorges national park will all present you a reminiscence of a lifetime and moments. Here you can find out the most amazing trekking and hiking places, you can choose for your Mauritius Holiday packages.

Black River Gorges National Park

The Black River Gorges National park expands over the 2% of the island’s area and situated on the southwest part of Mauritius,. There are various small and extensive suggested hikes in the park. You will discover the true image of Mauritius with the help of the guides. This distinctive area is also one of the rarest tropic forests in the world. It harbors more than 300 species of local blooming plants and many species of birds, which only can be seen in Mauritius.  This park has taken all the necessary efforts in order to preserve the flora and fauna while allowing guests to explore the place. Do plan your hiking trips in Black River Gorges National park, that will offer you many picturesque views and will surely refresh your mind.

Le Pouce

The third highest mountain in Mauritius, which is 812m high, situated in the North West area of Mauritius between Both the Signal mountain and the Pieter. From the summit, enjoy the panoramic 360-degree perspective. The picture of the North West part of the region is marvelous, with a wonderful view of Mauritius famous Islands such as Snake Island, Round Island and Flat Island. It also offers one of the most stunning sights of Port Louis the capital, as well as the high grounds and Moka of Plain Wilhems. Le Pouce is recognized as The Thumb peak. Trekking is the best thing you can choose from many activities.

Maccabée Forest

This National Park offers you many breathtaking views of the natural forest, thrilling waterfalls and waters activities in the sea. You may come across various endangered species while hiking and trekking. If you are lucky enough, you can observe various birds like the echo Parakeet and the pink pigeon, and also you can see wild monkeys. This place lets you endure the Mauritian exotic forest at its best.

La Nicoliere reserve

This is a water reserve situated at the East of the Island. La Nicoliere reserve offers admittance to the heart of Mauritius. This is enclosed by Mountains, creating a secured zone where nature is totally diverse from the one along the coast side. Come and visit the Reserve of La Nicoliere and explore some of the unique wild boars and bats and monkeys. The pathway will take you on a journey crossing various forests and rivers with spectacular views of the Northern islets Lake of La Nicoliere. Wild bats and monkeys can be seen on the hills. Some viewpoints along the road side of the lake offer the ideal places to halt and appreciate the view.

Explore your adventurous side and camp along the beautiful views of the Island and hike to the summit of the Mountains of Mauritius. Book Mauritius honeymoon package and start the new life in an adventurous way.

Trekking and Hiking in Mauritius

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