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The longest flight in the world right now is Clocking in with a scheduled flight time of 17 hours and 20 minutes between Doha to New Zealand, this epic long haul covers over 9,000 miles in the air. But with the latest trends, it seems like prolonged haul flights are only heading to become more frequent and longer. Even a much smaller flight than these long-haul flights can leave you feeling off, impacting the commencing of your holiday and making your experience worse at the end. It will some time becomes so uncomfortable that you can't get proper sleep, you become restless, and all this because you get a bad flight experience. So what can you make to increase your chances of maintaining that vacation thrill and remaining well and prepared on a long haul flight?


Before book or choosing the flight always check these following points to make your experience a better one.


If there are numerous providers flying long haul to your desired destination, and cost either isn’t a concern or is equivalent, then check out the reviews given by travelers on the websites of the airline. What leisure and food options do they provide? Do they have any additional benefits that will enhance your traveling experience?


When you’re reserving or checking in at the airport, choose your seat according to your need. If you a person who doesn't want to get disturbed and if you want to enjoy the air view then go for a window seat and if you need to use the lavatory a lot then go for an aisle seat. The back of the aircraft can be colder and noisier. Choosing the window seat has another benefit on a long haul flight, it means you can sleep more comfortably as nobody going to disturb you, however it can be a discomfort if you need to move around, which you have to because you are on a long 17 hrs flight so you can't just sit on your seat. 


Upgrading on these type of long-haul flight is the best you can do but it can cost some additional amount of money, it is your choice what you choose money or comforts but often the commercial airline provides an exclusive deal nearer to the journey date if not sufficient individuals have reserved first or business class. It can be worth getting in touch with the commercial airline to ask before the flight. It is hard to get a free upgrade, but sometimes you may be fortunate enough to avail a discount.


If you’re thinking what to put on on a long haul journey, then loosely fitted outfits are usually the best. That does not mean you need to have to put on leggings, you can also take into consideration of wearing sweatpants or wide leg pants. If you must wear denim jeans, make sure they are comfortable. Bring layers of clothes in case the aircraft is cold. Think about wearing journey socks, particularly if it’s an actually long flight. This compression footwear can enable to avoid deep vein thrombosis and also they keep your feet warm and help you sleep. Wear footwear that you can effortlessly take on and off as you need to. 


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