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There are hundreds of national park sites around the world and chances are very good that you've visited at least one of them. There are plenty of national parks spread hundreds of acres all around the world, but the listed below choices are some of the most gorgeous and fascinating, providing you an overview of some of the untouched nature, interesting creatures, and wonderful panoramas. If you're all set to get a little exciting, then you'll definitely want to put these national parks to your wish list.

Kakadu National Park in Australia

Some of the greatest national parks are the types that also instruct you something about the natural history of the region, and you'll definitely find that here at Kakadu National Park in Australia. Kakadu National Park is loaded with history, as it has been the residence of Aboriginal people today for sixty-five thousand years and is one of the oldest living cultures on the planet. Kakadu National Park is also enormous at around 20,000 sq km, so there is plenty of discovering to be done. You can get a flavor of traditions and customs by watching Aboriginal Rock Art, or you can get some amazing views of wetlands and rivers. The best place to visit in your Australia holiday package.

Doi Inthanon National Park, Thailand

Doi Inthanon National Park located in the middle of Chiang Mai, Thailand posses thousands of species of unique birds. Doi Inthanon National Park is popularly known as "The Roof of Thailand," and is situated near the giant Himalayan Mountains merely outdoors of Chiang Mai. The Doi Inthanon National park is prominent for its stunning views of mountains, caves, and waterfalls. Amazing things you can choose to watch in your Thailand holiday package. There are more than 360 species of unique birds that call it their home, making it a wish list desired destination especially for bird-watchers. If you check out between January and February, you'll get to see the amazing flowers covering the entire trees in a pink canopy. It only lasts for a few short weeks but is a massive temporary attraction.                  

Banff National Park in Canada

You don't need to take a trip throughout the world to watch a stunning national park, and Banff National Park is the best and unique proof of that. This is the first national park of Canada and the flagship of the main national park system, and it's also considered as the part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain parks which are listed in the top national parks in UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will discover some of the rare species of animal in the park. The amazing turquoise water of Lake Louise is one of the most visited places in Banff National Park.

Snowdonia National Park in Wales

Snowdonia National Park located in the north of Wales in the United Kingdom has a unique charm for its beauty and it has the tallest lighthouse in the UK. There is so significantly a lot to do in Snowdonia National Park. It's ideally known for its trekking and hiking, and you can also witness some of the gorgeous streams, waterfalls, and lakes as well as get a great dose of history. Explore the ancient history of Bardsey Island at ruins of 6th-century monasteries. Ogwen Valley in Wales offers a distinctive landscape design to explore with your partner on your United Kingdom honeymoon packages.  

National Parks that you need to visit in your lifetime

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