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Asia is a great choice for a family holiday. There is so much to experience. Asia is one of the cheapest places on the earth. But choosing a particular location in Asia is a tough decision. As there are numbers of wonderful family holiday destinations. You love it here in Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines. Whether you’re a beach loving family or a bunch of culture buffs, or even if you are of outdoorsy types the following destinations for kids, friends and families will keep you satisfied from beginning to end.


Bali is a classic destination for all age group no matter how old you are. With amazing facilities and a huge selection of things to do, fantastic infrastructure, destinations to visit and different cuisines to eat, it is probably the most family-friendly destination to spend your bali holiday package in Asia. Travelers of all the ages will surely find something to arouse and excite them in Bali. adventure lover can spend their time surfing, cooking classes, silver jewelry-making, whitewater rafting, zip-lining, and hiking. The younger ones can enjoy macaque-spotting, beach swimming, various theme and water parks, a trip to the bird park, or even gentle strolls through lush while exploring the butterfly house or explore the green rice fields of Ubud. A knowledgeable guide and Private transfers mean you don’t have to be anxious about getting a cab or planning a pick-up from locations. You can just chill out and enjoy the time and fun with the family.


Malaysia is a mix of different traditions and cultures all residing and working together harmoniously. It is a country which is a centuries-old combination of Chinese, Malay, British, and Indian traditions. The kids can watch a Chinese temple in the uphill and the mosque down the street, and smell the alluring fragrance of local cuisines from the corner. Visiting Malaysia is like traveling to several countries all at one time. Malaysia is one of the top places for adventure lovers. Trek the jungle to observe the famous Rafflesia flower which smells like rotten meat and has span up to 100 cm. Observe many rare species in rehabilitation sanctuaries especially the endangered river dolphins and proboscis monkeys. Visit the cultural village's Hindu temple inside Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia holiday packages are incomplete without visiting these places.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the best Asian destination when its come to the kids. Their transport is superb and it is very easy to travel around the city. Hong Kong is home of old MTR. It is a train system which is very user-friendly and you can travel everywhere you want. All you have to do is to purchase an Octopus Cards to avail this service. Which can be easily purchased at the airport. You will always find somebody that understands English and is able to help you. There are plenty of places and you must try traditional Chinese dumplings. There are no issues for the food. Hong Kong has Ocean Park and Disneyland among many other attractions that will keep the kids entertained. Both Disneyland and Ocean Park are very affordable in Hong Kong. Young kids will love the animals and many of the rides in Ocean Park and Disneyland.


Thailand is known as The Land of Smiles and it is the place of endless fun and excitement for tourists of all ages. The whole country is appropriate for families, no matter if you want action and adventure in Bangkok, beaches, and islands in the south or mountains and jungles in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai has a more laid-back vibe than its counterparts. It got elephant sanctuaries, temples and hill tribe villages. The beach destinations of Krabi, Samui, and Phuket are also great for kids. There are hiking trips, elephant camps, snorkeling trips, and island-hopping tours in these destinations too. Meanwhile, Bangkok has urban tours, Chinatown, floating markets, famous temples, shopping, and the Grand Palace and lots of many places to keep all ages happy.


Singapore is just perfect for family members with kids of all ages. The mix of Chinese Indian and Malay, cultures is obvious and offers to the appeal of Singapore. It has everything for everyone, varied attractions, great food, easy to get around, and interesting culture as well as the delicious meals for your taste buds. It is a country with a strong British influence with a multicultural vibe. English is the common language which makes things extra easy. The efficient subway system will take you to most destinations. There are many attractions but kids mostly loved Universal Studios Singapore specially for its fabulous zoo, the world’s largest aquarium, water parks, and many cultural attractions as well. Singapore is not cheap though, carry a lot of money with you.

Hopefully, you can decide and narrow down your choices from these options.

Top Family-Friendly Destinations to spend your Holidays

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