Must Visit Hong Kong Attractions & Travel Guide

Hong Kong is one of the most charming places in China. It is much more than just a Vertical city. Read out the article to find out what are the best places to visit in Hong Kong and its major attraction along with some handy tips to make your holiday the perfect one.

Victoria Peak

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Victoria Peak is established at 396 meters above sea level.  Victoria Peak Tower is one of the most fashionable structural in Hong Kong attractions. It is the ideal place to explore the magnificent backdrop of the city. The Tower is a whole new world from inside; there is a dazzling arrangement of restaurants, stores, and amusement venues. You can watch the spectacular panoramic views of the city from its 360° viewing platform. Reach there by taking the MTR to Central or by bus to Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus.

Essential Traveling Tips for Your Cheap Hong Kong Holiday Package

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1. Invest a day in a Half-Day Walking Tour.
2. Get your Peak Tram Ticket Online to avoid the long queues.
3. Buy the Peak Tram Pass to enjoy the panoramic views of the city from the terrace.

Victoria Harbour & Symphony of Lights

It is one of those places where you can visit after having your dinner. It is a natural harbor located between Kowloon and Main Hong Kong Island. It offers a charming view of the city skyscrapers. It has the title of Guinness World Records' World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show. The charming, impressive representation synchronized to tune and story that glorifies the spirit, enthusiasm and diversity of Hong Kong. If you want to enjoy the show then make sure you reach there before 8 P.M.

Essential Traveling Tips for Your Hong Kong Holiday Packages from India

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1. Viator / GoVoyagin- Take anyone online Symphony Lights Cruise Tour to make it more memorable.
2. Take MTR train to reach the destination and also explore Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront and Avenue of Stars.

Clock Tower

It is the iconic tower established in 1915 is 44 meters tall and gives a unique look for its red bricks and granite tower.  Erected by the Kowloon–Canton Railway terminus, now one of the most preserved monuments of Hong Kong. It was a significant memorial for the millions of Chinese settlers who fought and began their new lives in Hong Kong

 Essential Traveling Tips

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1. Must visit the oldest Taoist temple in Hong Kong (Man Mo Temple) to pay your tribute to the God of War (Mo) and God of Literature (Man).
2.  Mid-Levels Escalator to Hollywood Road to reach there.

Old Town Central Art Walk

Apart from the striking high rises in Central, lies an amazing contrast of tradition and modernization that coexist for ages that associate with Hong Kong culture. An aggregate of street arts was gone out of motivation from the contrast. Visit the place to explore Staunton Street, Graham Street, take a stroll along Hollywood Road, and capture all the picturesque art.

Essential Traveling Tips for planning a holiday trip to Hong Kong

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1. Take MTR to Hong Kong Station
2. Take the Escalator to reach Hollywood Road.
3. The intersection of Hollywood Road and Graham Street is at the famous Townhouse mural.

Tai O Fishing Village

Located on a stream mouth, the town is just the choice if you want to explore the traditional fisher folks which continue for generations. It is the unique region of Hong Kong. The houses are constructed on support over the river and its narrow alleys are crowded with local shops selling mainly fish and other food items. The residents here are chiefly the Tanka people and they are the real descendants of the first settlers of Hong Kong. You’ll find back-street paths turning through the clutter of residences.

Essential Traveling Tips

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1. Reach Tung Chung Station by MTR
2. Take Bus 11 from Tung Chung Town Centre to reach there


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