Penang in Malaysia is an Epitome of Sophistication & the King of Superlatives

Penang is known as the Pearl of the Orient and it is famous for its pristine white soft beaches and is more popularly considered as the cuisine capital of Malaysia. There are some major amazing tourist’s sites of Penang which include the vipers in the Snake Temple, the panorama landscape from the peak of Penang Hill, and the exotic beaches of Tanjung Bungah. 

The Tropical Spice Garden is the one and only spice garden not only in Malaysia but also in whole South East Asia. Book Malaysia Holiday Packages from India and experience the utter beauty of this magnificent location.

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram Temple is the most beautiful and one of the ancient Thai temples in Penang. It is the most visited place by tourists in the whole of Malaysia. It built in 1845 and also known as the yellow and blue temple just because of its name. It is the place where 108 feet long reclining Buddha image is situated and it is said that it is the third largest Buddha image in the whole world. 

Covered with the golden and saffron robe, the expansive sculpture was constructed as a memorial to symbolize the final resting position of Buddha which represents his death after reaching the Nirvana. Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram Temple is located just opposite to the less lavish Dharmmikarama Temple as Dharmmikarama Temple is more of a night temple it lights up magnificently at night.

Fort Cornwallis

Fort Cornwallis is located in the Lebuh Light region of Penang. Fort Cornwallis set in close proximity to the Penang Clocktower. It is a star-shaped monument which is the largest and the oldest constructions in Penang. It is named after the general Marquis Charles Cornwallis. It was a huge structure where he lived and fought battles. Earlier it was a royal structure but now only a set of 3 meters high outer walls are remaining.  

It is located at the north-eastern coast of Penang. A stroll along the fort with your partner is a great experience for a honeymoon couple. Penang is an ideal place to choose in your Malaysia Honeymoon Packages. 

3D Interactive Museum

Penang famous Interactive Museum actually allows you to shake off the typical present concepts of tedious, obsolete museums, rather offering guests a fun, interesting way to look at the artwork with indicates that have brilliant 3D visuals attributes. For example, there is a painting of the Penang Snake Temple surrounded by a large 3D snake coasting the framework. This is a great place for families especially who have kids, this place is designed with the perspectives of kids and your kids will love it. 

This museum exactly where having involved is genuinely part of the fun, hundreds of pictures range from elevators with iconic horror movie characters inside to the ancient historical illustrations or photos such as battleships being blown up by cannons. The technique is that painters have used various colors, distinctive shape, and some items to generate a unique artwork every time.

Penang Hill 

Penang Hill was the very first isolated hill station designed in Malaysia. It is composed of Government Hill, Flagstaff Hill, Tiger Hill, Bukit Laksamana, and Western Hill. It is situated just 6 kilometers away from Georgetown. The hilly and lush green forested area is the major hill resort of the state. It is located at the height of 821m above of the capital of Penang. 

Because of the height variations, Penang hill is usually five degrees cooler than Georgetown. It is the protected area of exotic forest in Penang so you can witness some of the rare vegetation and wildlife. The most popular and interesting way to explore the beauty of this place is to hop on the Penang Hill train. 

Explore the unseen and hidden spots in Malaysia, Interact with the locals, measure the immeasurable jungle, indulge in amazing water sports activities and much more to experience in your holiday trip to Malaysia.


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