Crazy Things to Do in Barcelona (Spain)

Spain’s best city, Barcelona is completely unique. It’s one of a few must-see towns with its individual uniqueness. This is partly down to a span of early-20th-century architects and artists, like Antoni Gaudí, who’s impressive and unique building designs are like nothing you’ll see anywhere else. 


There’s something fascinating here in Barcelona that everyone wanted to visit this iconic place in Spain. If you’re a food lover then the city has a wide range of restaurants which serves delicious meals including cuisines from all around the world. If you want culture and traditional side of the region, the city offers some beautiful choice of magnificent buildings and events. Clean and clear beaches, vibrant nightlife and one of the larger shopping places in Spain make Barcelona a must place to visit on your holiday.

Las Ramblas

Never mind that a lot of locals dodge this series of rambles that runs from the Columbus Monument at the waterfront to the Plaça de Catalunya down. But it is one of the most popular things among tourists. Find a shade of tall trees and enjoy the local street performances and taste some local street food and Shuffling through the crowds that pass living statues.  Catch the whiff of waffles being freshly baked and let your taste buds on a ride. Book the best holiday packages from India to experience the unique culture and traditions of Spain.


This city locale was produced for the 1929 International Exhibition and highlights a few prominent historical centers including the National Museum of Catalan Art, the Museum of Archeology and the Ethnology Museum. Of those, the craftsmanship gallery is especially prescribed, and the perspectives on the city from its means are staggering. 

Beneath this, and furthermore worked for the presentation was the Magic Fountain, which puts on light and music indicates ever half-hour on the ends of the week. This is best observed during the evening obviously. At the exceptionally top of the slope is the seventeenth-century stronghold, which saw activity in the Catalan Revolt during the 1600s just as amid the Civil War in the late-1930s, after which it was a jail.

Barcelona City History Museum

The History Museum safeguards a couple of Roman locales over the Gothic Quarter, for example, the sanctuary of Augustus and the Funeral Way on Plaça de la Vila de Madrid. However, Plaça Del Rei is the place you can see Barcelona's old history in point by point layers. You'll bring a lift down to where the remainders of a garum production line, laundries, coloring shops and parts of old Barcino's dividers are on the whole noticeable. The site is huge, covering 4,000 square meters, which you'll investigate by means of raised walkways. As you ascend through the exhibition hall building you'll venture forward through time and enter the vaults of the Palau Reial Major, the seat of the medieval Dukes of Barcelona. 

City Beaches
Barcelona’s beach boardwalk extends for miles. It will take a good hour to get from Diagonal Mar to Barceloneta while strolling, but it’s a walk that really helps you understand the city. The westernmost beaches like Sant Sebastià are one of the most popular and most visited places in Barcelona. It is one of the best places for surfing. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Spain on their Europe holiday tour packages just to enjoy the amazing surfing experience.

They are quite crowded due to prime touristy place but this beach is filled with trendy shops where you can have a nice brunch with your partner on your honeymoon or you can shop for some souvenir for your loved ones. After the Olympics, you can easily find a wide range of hotels. Must visit Platja de to observe the biggest and massive new Diagonal Mar mall.

Plan a lovely itinerary of Spain and book the best international holiday tour packages and experience the never visited regions of Europe. Europe has unlimited places which are perfect for a holiday tour and Spain is blessed with most of them where you won’t mind walking an extra mile with your partner.


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