Things you can't miss in Universal Studio Singapore

The Universal Studio is an overall cure for a boring life for you and your family, friends, and children. The Universal Studio divides into 24 different zones with different tourist attractions. Each zone has a unique theme. Walk through the different zones of New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient City, The Lost World, Madagascar, Hollywood, and Far Away and be hypnotized in this wonderland. Here, you can enjoy many small theaters and cinemas, where it performs different shows that are both in 4D or live. Apart from that, there are various merchandise shops to test your bargain skills and a variety of restaurants to have the real taste of Singapore. Read the article to get the idea of why you should book your Singapore holiday packages from India.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios have a large number of theme rides in each of its zones which leave you surprised. The trips are of various types and the amount of thrill the first zone is the Hollywood zone, with a very positive vibe and glamorous appearance. It has a movie theater that displays musicals. On the right side, there is the New York zone, showcasing two of the best displays.

Sci-Fi City is known for its great roller coasters rides, is an utterly favorite of little ones. Moving ahead your next spot in this region is the Ancient Egypt zone, which includes many Egypt statues and pillars with two rides. The 5th zone is the most popular one, The Lost World followed Madagascar zones and by the Far Far Away zone. Let's watch what's inside these zones.

It named after the actual Hollywood boulevard of the late 70s. This Hollywood zone is renowned for its famous palm trees, amazing architectural monuments, and look-alike production of 'Walk of Fame' in Hollywood It is the main entrance to enter the Universal Studios Park. Some of the main highlights of the place are the legendary Mel's Dinette shows from The Cruisers, A stunning fireworks exhibit occurs every Saturday sharp at 10:00 PM, the Lake Hollywood, the Broadway-style Theater.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame attributes a chance to meet your favorite characters like The Minions, Woody Woodpecker, Marilyn Monroe, and many other prominent stars of Universal Studios motion pictures.

New York

This zone is fashioned after the present modern-day New York City, presenting the iconic points of interest of the prominent city, amazing landmarks, neon lights, and classic sidewalks. The entrance to the zone is noticeable by a copy modal of the Public Library of New York with two lion statues.

Some of the main highlights of the place are, dining at KT's Grill and Louis NY Pizza Parlor, Take pleasure in the genuine experience of B-Boykin by The Rockafellas, etc. You are free to enjoy the iconic rides and have a great time with your friends and family. The New York zone is a perfect spot for you to select in the Singapore holiday package.

Sci-Fi City

This zone considers some of the futuristic themes, modeled after an imaginary town, include with some space-age technological innovation and the best advantages of the contemporary world. One can find lots of fascinating rides in Universal Studios Singapore. A Sci-Fi City zone is the best place for kids to indulge in science fiction theme ride.

This Sci-Fi City includes the tallest pair of a dueling roller coaster in the World. Some of the main highlights of the place are, a swirling ride amongst the teacups is waiting for family and friends at the Accelerator, "The Ride" includes the entire cast of Transformer movies with Autobots and Decepticons, showcasing around display screens with special effects like water sprays, fog, wind, to boost the watching experience.

Ancient Egypt

Adhering to the idea of the cutting-edge discoveries made throughout the Golden Age of ancient Egypt, one can discover spectacular obelisks and the legendary aspects of Egyptian architecture structures in this region. Laze in the fame of the Pharaoh's Tombs and the Pyramids. One can find many resemblances to The Mummy movie series, which have an impact on the basic design and style of this section.

Some of the main highlights of the place are, Influenced by the Mummy movie sequence, The Journey is a high-speed dimly lit ride guaranteed to thrill you're all the senses, The Treasure seekers journey takes visitors through a reconstructed deserted Egyptian excavation place in specially designed vehicles intended to replicate the classic jeeps of the ancient time.

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