Incredibly Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Bali

Bali is the best place in Southeast Asia and it attracts thousands of tourists every year on their Bali holiday package. It is the prime spot for honeymooners. It is better to know some local tips and unknown and unwritten rules before you plan to visit a new nation. Every nation has its own customs and traditions and this article helps you in your first trip as well as someone who's been a frequent traveler to Bali.

Crazy Traffic

Bali is home to crazy traffic, and sometimes just a few kilometers of distance could take much longer than expected. So take some buffer time, especially when you are planning some long distance plan. The traffic in Bali is unavoidable. Always ask your hotel the rough time estimate before heading to your destination and book cab accordingly.

Consider Moto-Taxis and Renting a Bike

Unless you're traveling in a large group, hiring moto-taxis is the best way you can save your time and money. They are significantly cheaper than a regular taxi.  Renting your own scooter is also a very commercial practice here. Rental starts from very cheap range and you can rent a vehicle for an hour to a complete day.

Don't Drink the Water

Do not drink the tap water in Bali instead always prefer to drink bottled water. We know that regularly buying bottled water will cost you a lot but water from the tap will make you sick and you don't want to travel with fever, headache or win an upset stomach and that's the last thing you want on holiday. Or you can opt for a water bottle which has built in the filter. It is a one-time investment and you don't need to buy a new bottle every time you feel thirsty.

Respect the Culture

Despite the inrush of thousands of tourists, Balinese culture is still very strong and growing. Asian people are very particular about their religion, traditions, and cultures. So, don't make fun of any of their cultures. So not enter a temple without proper attire, you must follow them especially in a religious place.

 Super Strict Drug Laws

Drugs laws are super strict in Bali; you cannot do drugs in Bali. If you caught with any kind of drugs with you, you may end up in jail. Avoid indulging in such activities and stay away from an unknown person on your trip.

Surfing is Huge Attractions in Bali

For decades, Bali has been the prime spot for surfing lovers from all over the world. The best time for surfing is the dry season. You can book your Bali honeymoon packages from India from May to August to get the best surf options in Bali. Choose some remote places for surfing as you can ditch the overcrowded prime places in peak season.

Don't Be Afraid To Barter

Besides fancy boutiques, eateries, and luxury shopping stores - the first price you're rated is seldom the actual price. Most of the time they just put the higher tag just to make a fool out of you. So, don't be afraid to bargain especially when you are buying some bulk souvenir for your loved ones.

Learn a Few Local Words

If will not harm to learn some local vocab just to save you a lot of time to explain someone who doesn't understand your local native language. Majority of the population in Bali use English to communicate but it is good for you to have some knowledge of a few words such as hello, water, food, toilets, hotel, cab, etc and you will go a long way in the bargaining process.

Be Aware Of Added Tax

By law, all restaurants and bars must charge an additional 21% on their services. Some of them add this into the menu price while others will include separately. This is completely legit; however, it's definitely something to be aware of as you may end up paying more than you expected. To avoid such incidence, always ask for whether the tax is included not.

We hope you like our list of tips, it will some you from being into any unwanted circumstances. Plan your Bali holiday packages in non peak times to avoid crowed and enjoy your visit in a tranquil aura.


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