As your aircraft reaches the Maldives, you'll observe its 26 atolls dotting along the wide stretch of the Indian Ocean. There are around 1,200 of amazing islands. Out of which only 200 islands are used for the resident purpose and around 100 are dedicated to island resorts. Just imagine yourself on one of these tropical beautiful islands with a private servant to provide you magnificently delicious dishes in the serenity and silent inside your personal villa. 


The thoughts in your mind begin to loosen up and the entire body helps in reducing into the total relaxation. As you appreciate this awesome treatment, you can observe a rainbow of fish in the ocean. The water is so clear that you can watch till the bottom of the ocean. From luxury to cheap you can get all the accommodation under your budget just pack your bags for your honeymoon trip to the Maldives and book your Maldives honeymoon packages.

Get Your PADI Certification Before You Explore the Ocean


Most of the resorts have certified divers who can provide you with proper training and certify you. The water is magnificently comfy even at the depth of 30 meters, and the coral faces and caves are impressive. Take some lessons before you hit the water and get certifies by the professionals. For truly committed trained divers it is the ultimate place for you.


 You can take the most popular water safari. Rent a boat online and they’ll get to you and pick you up from your desired destination mainly directly from the airport. You’ll roam from one site to the other side and making minimum 2 dives a day for about 45 min each. You can also book this as part of your Maldives holiday package.

Go Snorkeling


Most of the hotels and major resorts have their own in-house coral reefs, which means you can effortlessly go swimming from your own private villa, float on the water surface and start exploring numbers of fish in the water. Some hotels accommodations will also bring you some of the best places in nearby areas to go snorkeling where you can check out various types of coral reefs. 


No matter where you go, you will always get some of the different variety of fish. It is a perfect spot for a honeymoon couple to do on this Maldives honeymoon packages.

Experience some of the Unique Features of Resorts


The main thing in the Maldives is that you can choose from the numbers of resorts on different islands. You wake up on one island at go to another for lunch and finally get dinner at the third one. You can book an entire island hoe honeymoon.


It got small islands with one small villa near the shore and you can have a personal butler to help you out and provides you with all the basic facilities. Karumba Maldives honeymoon packages offers you this types of basic facilities.

A Unique Dining Experience


Although isolated, the Maldives has some amazing holiday accommodation ranging from a cottage to extravagant villas. Each one offers something unique, from underwater eateries and spas to in-house reefs. Their cost varies with each individual or family member. Most resorts have at minimum 2 to 3 restaurants to provide the guests with choices of foods and cocktail. But food is not the only element of the culinary experience. 


The Hilton resort has an amazing marine theme underwater restaurant where you can watch a variety of marine creatures while having your meal. Get a room which is fully submerged in water just makes sure you ask for it when you book your honeymoon packages for the Maldives

Explore numbers of places in Maldives and choose island hopping. Try some of the amazing delicious food; your taste buds will thank you. Maldives travel packages are one of the top packages you can get when you are planning your trip to Asia.

Get the Ultimate Holiday Experience on Your Holiday Trip to Maldives

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The recent years have seen Vietnam develop as the prime tourist spot in Southeast Asia. Its culture is richly influenced by both the west & the east, its beaches are pristine, landscapes are beautiful and it offers a tranquil environment for tourists to spend their holiday in a peaceful environment.


Read the article before you plan any Vietnam holiday tour packages to check out the best places to visit in summer.

Halong Bay


Halong Bay is recorded under UNESCO-recorded world legacy site and each traveler visiting Vietnam must visit Halong Cove, especially when you are going in summers or spring. The goal is most prominent for the journey visits past the transcending limestone islands bested by rainforests. In any case, those meeting in summers can find the cove in a completely unique manner. Visitors can unwind on the shores, visit the cool caverns, swim in the sparkling waters, or take a seaplane ride. 

Try not to miss: Journey visits in and around the Narrows, parasailing, and swimming 

Nha Trang 


Nha Trang is eminent for its bow molded coastline, perfect shorelines, and turquoise narrows. The Bayis spotted with little islands and is encompassed by a variety of slopes. Those meeting this piece of Vietnam in summer can likewise appreciate windsurfing, parasailing, undersea strolling, and flyboarding. Because of a charming climate in Vietnam in summer, this spot makes for an ideal holiday tour. 

Try not to miss: Oceanographic Gallery of Vietnam, Po Nagar Tower, Vinpearl Land entertainment mecca, scuba jumping, and Long Child Pagoda 

Sa Pa


Furthermore, on the off chance that you wish to beat the warmth in Vietnam in June and other summer months, you can go to the rice fields of Sa Pa valley. Its terraced-rice development, bright field, and charming all year temperatures make it a perfect summer retreat.  The best way to invest your summer time is to choose Sa Pa in your Vietnam holiday tour packages from India.

Try not to miss: Fansipan Mountain, nearby market, bicycle ride through Muong Hoa Valley, and night end at one of the resorts 

Da Lat 


Da Lat, otherwise called the City of Adoration is another brilliant goal to visit in Vietnam in summer. Its atmosphere has been legitimately labeled as endless spring because of the all year lovely temperatures. Staggering lakes, cascades, and lavish green valleys with lively blossom beds make this city a pure occasion retreat, particularly for those peering toward the late spring window. 

Try not to miss: Investigate the Xuan Huong Lake, Pool of Distress, Valley of Affection, and Phu Dong Thien Vuong Road

Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc is one more shoreline goal for a midyear in Vietnam. The biggest island in Vietnam can be gotten to by ship or plane. Its Khem Shoreline, Sao Shoreline, Ham Ninh angling town, mind-blowing corals, and one of a kind fish dishes make it an ideal summer holiday tour. 

Try not to miss: Fish Sauce manufacturing plant, Cau Jail, scuba jumping, and swimming 

Hoi An 


The old waterfront town of Hoi An is known for its Chinese sanctuaries, Japanese-structure spans, pagodas, old waterway, and French pilgrim houses that mirror an ideal mix of the eastern and the western impact. Those intending to spend a late spring in Vietnam must visit Hoi A for its barely packed shorelines and interesting bistros by the waterway. 

Try not to miss: A BangShoreline, Cua Dai Shoreline, Exhibition hall of Earthenware production, Fujian Get together Corridor and Focal Market 

Con Dao 


The islands of Con Dao discover their notice among the most secretive islands on the planet. Delightful and crude shorelines, corals, timberlands, and different attractions of the archipelago are ideal for a late spring Vietnam trip. The well known Six Detects Con Dao resort here adds to the appeal of this delightful Vietnamese goal. 

Try not to miss: French Tiger Confines at Phu Tuong, Bãi biển Đất Dốc shoreline, Miếu A Sơn Buddhist sanctuary, and Bảo Tàng Côn Đảo historical center 

Phong Nha Ke BangNational Park 


The Phong Nha Ke BangNational Park is a world legacy site and a biosphere that is home to several types of widely varied vegetation. The national park likewise envelops probably the biggest karst mountains, caverns, and underground streams in Asia. Outdoors inside these caverns by the banks of an underground stream is a brilliant encounter for those arranging an occasion in Vietnam in summer? 

Try not to miss: Trekking and mountain biking on Ho Chi Minh Interstate 

Mai Chau 


For the individuals who dread that Sa Pamay be excessively packed due to its prevalence as a mid-year goal, Mai Chau fills in as an ideal option. Travelers visiting this goal in Vietnam in summer can take a plunge in the waters at the base of the cascade, cycle around the rice fields, and remain in one of the resorts. Actually, Mai Chau offers everything that Sa Padres; short the expansive number of travelers. 

Try not to miss: Chieu Cavern and Thác Gò Lào cascades.

Vietnam is one of the best options for summer vacations. Try out to choose these beautiful places to visit on your holiday tour. Explore the calm and peaceful aura of this Southeast Asian nation.

Find out Prime Places Every Traveler Should Visit in Vietnam This Summer

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Traveling to Thailand? Wondering what to explore and what activities to indulge in? Whether you’re a history lover, food lover or adrenaline junkie there are truly hundreds of memorable activities and things to do in Thailand.


It is one of the best holiday destinations in Southeast Asia.  Renowned for its budget travel opportunities, rich culture, and gorgeous beaches this tourist magnet has so many fascinating activities to offer that you must experience once in a lifetime. So, pack your bags and explore some of the unique elements on your Thailand holiday packages.

 Experience Chiang Mai’s Flight of the Gibbon

Thailand is the best spot when it comes to beautiful and most visited places for holiday tour. After all, it’s a worldwide famous outdoor thrill activity that began the whole zip line craze among tourists from worldwide. Every year adventure lovers plan their Thailandholiday packages just to experience this. Take a look at the ancient rain forest and experience more than six kilometers of the zip line. Chiang Mai’s Flight of the Gibbon is unquestionably the best thrilling outdoor activity that one should experience once in a life time.


Looking for a massive dose of pleasure, adventure and adrenalin rush here in Thailand? Strap yourself to an authorized and licensed jump master and jump out of a plane at the height of 13,000 feet and experience the instant adrenalin rush through your body. Adventure lover can't miss this amazing phenomenon to overcome the fear of heights and to take a bird eye view of Thailand.

Eat some bugs

It may sound strange but here in Thailand local actually eat fried crickets, scorpions, cockroaches, and other insects. This is one of the unique and uncommon elements of Thailand. Eating an insect delicacy will make a perfect and interesting story for you once you get home. Just ignore the weird pincers or hard shell and go for the sweet fried grasshoppers and enjoy the taste of savory spicy locusts.

Climb Bangkok’s Sathorn Unique Tower and test you

Take a little challenge to get to the top of the Sathorn Unique Tower. It is quite challenging even if you’re perfect in shape and have an athlete body.  But take the bold step and cover the obstacle and reach to the summit and you will get a picture perfect panoramas view of the bustling and sprawling capital of Thailand.

Eat Thai street food

From Pad Thai and Som Tam (papaya salad) to grilled meats, this Southeast Asian core has plenty of mouthwatering meals available at cheap prices. Thailand offers so many street food choices that you can't taste even 2 percent of them but it guarantee to please your taste buds. Don’t miss out the opportunity to feast your taste buds on your holiday trip to Thailand.

 Take a day trip to Ayutthaya

​Ayutthaya listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 is something you must seriously consider to include in your Thailand holiday packages from India. Witness the ancient wats (Wat Phra Si Sanphet), historic temples (Wat Phra Mahathat) and monasteries, and, magnificent ruins.

Take a Thai cooking class

A great and fun way to involve you in Thai cuisine and get a better chance to know some of the ancient recipes is to attend a cooking class with a local chef. For the most part, visit a local market for fresh vegetables and other ingredients is also a part of your cooking class in Thailand. Also, this visit will introduce a little introduction into the local fruits, herbs, vegetables, and spices that are used in Thai cooking. The professional chef will guide you to prepare the most delightful dishes of Thailand.

Flyboarding in Kon Samui

Flyboarding is one of the best and most exciting elements to indulge in Thailand. Flyboarding allows you to feel like a superman, hover in the middle of the air and get the feeling you are an Aquaman, this extreme sport gives you super aquatic powers that let you leap in the air like Iron Man and zoom through the waters.

Get a massage every day


On average, one spa session will cause you a hundred dollars but in Thailand, you can get it in a couple of bucks. Thailand offers different types of spas and massages which ranges from 10 dollars to 100 dollars. But you can choose the one which includes all the elements such as spa, massages, hot water bubble bath and much more.

Jungle trekking in Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand is covered with lush greenery, unique flora, and fauna, and lofty jungle mountains. It is truly a paradise for trekking enthusiasts and outdoor adventurists.  It is home to some of the best jungle trek destinations in Southeast Asia. Enjoy amazing out dos activities, trekking, hiking, camping and many more. Have some tasty local food and explore the clear skyline free from city's pollution.

Travel through canals of Bangkok and explore floating markets

With an extended canal system, it is no surprise people usually call Bangkok as the “Venice of the East”. Although it is not as romantic and passionate as Venice in Europe, exploring the floating market or canal in Bangkok is nonetheless a decent entry to your bucket list.  Full of life and color, these floating markets offer a beautiful and one-of-a-kind bucket list worthy adventure in Bangkok, Thailand.

11 Things That Every Tourist Must Experience Once In Life in Thailand

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Settled off the coast of East Africa, Seychelles is a true gem of Southeast Asia. It is a heaven of exotic turquoise waters, picture-perfect islands, and white-sand beaches. This is one of the most traveled islands especially for honeymooners who want to enjoy in a tranquil environment. You can witness some of the endangered species such as one of the biggest tortoise here in Seychelles.

If you are a nature lover and want to explore the untouched and unexplored secrets of Seychelles then look out for these hidden places which are perfect for your honeymoon and keep you away from the crowded area. So, Make sure you considered these places in your Seychelles honeymoon packages.

Bird Island - Aldabra Atoll

Bird Island is located at the south of Aldabra Atoll perfect for those who want to spend their holiday in a calm and soothing place. It is yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site and the second largest atoll in the world. Bird Island is the best place to observe the heaviest tortoise and besides tortoise, you can also locate more than 100,000 wild Aldabra giant tortoises, unique seabirds, and some of the rare reptiles.

If you are a marine lover and a bit curious about aquatic then you can scuba dive or snorkel to observe vibrant angelfish and clownfish, harmless reef sharks, butterfly fish, colorful anemones, large eagle rays, colorful sea turtles and many more.

 Vallee de Mai, Praslin Island

Vallee de Mai is located at Praslin Island listed under the UNESCO world heritage site. It preserves regional Flora and Fauna and every year it attracts thousands of tourists to witness this beautiful Natural Reserve destination. Vallee de Mai is popular for some of the rare and endangered species of wild animals such as Sunbird, blue pigeon, large-billed bulbul, Seychelles black parrot, and many more. Get lost in the beauty of the wildness with your partner on your honeymoon tour.

Take a look at some of the unique varieties of pine trees some of which are 30 to 50 meters high. In regional language, Vallee de Mai is called the Garden of Eden. The journey is not completed unless you witness the biggest coconuts in the world mainly called “Coco de Mer" in the local language. They are easily available at local stores and will be the perfect souvenir for your loved ones.

Victoria Market

Seychelles is not an excellent shopping goal but there are a few interesting jewelry stores, craft shops, and other local markets to buy some souvenirs back home. Exotic seeds, local rum called Takamaka, gemstones, jewels, essential oils, and beautiful art pieces are some of the famous things to look out for. Due to its less popular among tourists, you can visit Victoria Market on your Seychelles honeymoon packages without facing a large crowd.

Besides shopping, there are lots of tourist attractions in Victoria to visit and observe during your holiday trip to Seychelles. Established in 1903 by the Seychelles Governor Sir Ernest Sweet, you can witness the history of this particular place and explore The Victoria Clock Tower also known as Creole (in regional language) is one of the national monument of Seychelles.


Located on the top of the hill with jaw-dropping panoramas of the majestic ocean, ZEZ is one of the best restaurants of Seychelles with expert chefs to tantalize your taste buds with some exquisitely flavored cuisines. Have a bite of authentic fish delicacies straight from the ocean and explore the picturesque views offered by the restaurant. ZEZ is heaven for seafood and nature lover. 

The signature dish Singaporean masterpiece which is served with steamed bun and green chili sauce will truly make your day. It is the best place to visit on your holidaytour and to feast both your eyes and taste buds.

Witness All the Hidden Gems in Seychelles

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Holiday weight gain is a common concern for many tourists. The cheat day becomes cheat week and cheat week becomes cheat month and the cycle goes on.  Various seasonal vacations may promote the consumption of calorie-rich foods, sedentary behavior, and overeating. Traveling to a county where food is delicious it is difficult for you to maintain your diet plan. Here are the top tips to help you avoid weight gain food during the traveling season

Choose your Snack wisely

During the traveling season, unhealthy snacks like fried, cheesy, high sugary and high carbs foods such as cookies, soft drinks and other goodies tend to be available for you and you are on a holiday so you would like to eat those as your cheat meal. You’re more likely to snack unnecessarily when treats are easy to access. This problem can be solved by keeping treats out of sight at home but it is difficult to avoid these delicious monsters when you are out for a holiday. 

It is best to avoid visiting market places empty stomach and always leave your room after having your breakfast. However, if you are craving for a snack, go for real foods. Filling snacks that don't contain unhealthy fats or added sugars such as seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits are some of the best examples.

Always watch your portion sizes

When the holidays hit, it can be obvious to stuff your plate with all kinds of cuisines you will find on your holiday to a particular region. Those who eat smaller portions tend to lose weight more easily than those who usually don't. Using smaller plate is one of the best ways to overcome this problem. It controls your portion size and confusing your mind that you are eating a greater quantity.

Get plenty of sleep on your holiday tour

Sleep deprivation, which is quite common during traveling, is one of the prime reasons for gaining weight. You tend to be hungry and consume more calories is you are getting less than 6 hrs of sleep. Sleep stipulation may develop your hunger hormone levels, eventually leading to larger calorie intake. Additionally, short sleep has been connected to lower or weak metabolism. This may be created by modifications in your circadian rhythm it is a biological clock that controls many of your bodily functions depends on your diet and other factors.

Control your stress levels below the threshold

Traveling with the family on your holidays can be stressful. Stressed individuals generally have high levels of cortical, (it is a special hormone that released in when you experience stress). Chronically raised cortisol levels may generate hormone which causes weight gain. Moreover, a stressful lifestyle may create more desires for junk food and sugary food. Plenty of methods you can follow which can help you defeat stress. Some options include yoga, meditation, exercise, swimming, and deep breathing.

Limit your dessert intake

Dessert is the prime thing that is unavoidable and most people lose their control and surrender to these delicious monsters. Sweets are everywhere during the holiday season. Almost every region has its own desert specialty this often leads to unnecessary sugar consumption which can be totally avoidable on your travel.

Instead of eating every treat in sight, you need to stay just focus on your preferences and ditch the rest to avoid eating undesirable sugar. Another trick to eating less is, tried to eat slowly. It saves you from overdoing it.

Top Ways to Enjoy Traveling Without Compromising Your Healthy Diet

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