Traveling is fun and travel on your own on a bike is one thing in the bucket list of every traveler. Leaving the world behind, create your own fantasyland, where nothing else matters just you, your bike, and the road. With the air in your hair, painting a blurry but stunning portrait, a bike journey converts a panacea for all the absurdity that we withhold in our lives. Find out the essential elements you should consider on your Bike journey. Planning that extraordinary bike journey is a careful job. A number of elements need to be carried in subconscious before you can hit the road. Your first bike trip is going to be the perfect training trajectory for your succeeding trips.

Start early in the morning and retire early in the evening

Whether you like it or not, bike trips need you to be an early riser to hit the road early and get to your destination in adulate time. To avoid extreme temperatures and the city's traffic, it is best to hit the road early in the day and retire to your desired destination early, this gives you plenty of time to loosen up and take proper sleep. You can reduce peak traffic times by utilizing odd hours which are traffic free to cover most of your trip journey.

Carry protective gear

Don’t take your protecting gear casually. When you’re exhausting hours at some long stretch on the bike make sure you have these items prior to hitting the road. It will seem like a blessing to have these basic things with you such as Sunglasses, Sun block, Swiss, Scarf army knife, Earplugs,  Rain gear, Neck brace, Helmet, Riding boot, Riding jacket, and Riding pants.

Save on some packing space smartly

Don’t pack like you’re traveling to the end of the world. Examine your possession and separate the thrash or any unwanted items which may not be used in your journey. You can pack smartly by not just rolling up your clothes into a big heavy suitcase, remember you are traveling on a bike and it will be a blessing for you to pack less for your journey. For instance, your Bluetooth headsets can be connected to your helmet, offering it easier for you to talk on and continue your riding, You can use your battery backup as your main charger.  Identify items that you might be able to do without and pack the absolute essentials only to plan the Best Holiday Packages from India.

Carry a suitable amount of cash

It makes sense when your credit/debit card might not be useful along the way or there is no card facility available around you then cash comes to rescue. Many small establishments do not accept cards and some of the remote regions do not have ATMs. It is better to carry a good amount of cash with you at all times and spend through your card only and use cash as a source of emergency. Scatter your currency instead of keeping it in one place.

Know your Bike and get some basic stuff to repair bikes

If you don’t already know how to repair your bike, you should learn some of the basic stuff regarding your bike. It is absolutely crucial to have some basic knowledge of your bike. Carry your bike’s guidebook along with you and carry these basic accessories or spear parts to help you deal with any emergencies breakdown such as Tool kit, welding solution, Puncture kit, stainless steel wire, fuses and a master link for the chain, light bulbs, spark plugs, front and rear brake pads, and clutch cable. Take a Thailand holiday package which includes a road trip.

Carry enough supplies for a comfortable ride

It is good to have enough supplies to cope with some emergencies such as any mishap, extreme temperature, and natural hazards. These are some essentials that will definitely come handy when it comes to some emergency situations such as Portable Stove, weather radio (if you’re traveling long distances or if you’re in a region where the weather changes rapidly), Chopstick, fork and spoon, camera gear, (extra memory cards), devices like GPS, phone, toilet tissues, Portable Water filter, energy bars and biscuits, Snacks like peanuts, Blanket that can double up as a sitting mat, Woolens that don’t take much space. Malaysia has some of the best roads in the world to book your Malaysia holiday tour on bike.

Enough Fuel

Make sure you have enough fuel in your bike and plenty in handy. You may not get the next fuel pump up to 200 km; it is good to have some spare fuel store to get the smooth bike ride experience.

Things to Remember When Organizing a Bike Tour

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Nature has bestowed with many nations in the world. Unadulterated beauty and unparalleled natural landscapes have been a synonym to these nations. With time, these countries have grown popular with travelers and their earnings have become more and more dependent on travel and tourism as a vital source of income. The resulting list is the nations that mostly or totally rely on tourism in the world.


Travel and Tourism provide a major part of the total GDP of this nation. About more than 25% of the total population in Seychelles are engaged somehow directly or indirectly in tourism activities. This island paradise was quite affected due to the depression in major economies. It serves thousands of tourists every day. Hence, you can count Seychelles as one of the successful countries with a strong tourist-based economy.


The Maldives Islands are 1000 islands located off the west coast of the Indian ocean. A true Asian experience, the Maldives is the excellent place to avoid the hustle and bustle of everyday busy life. It is very safe and secluded islands with some friendly locals. Due to its surrounded by Indian ocean, its economy is 80% based on tourism. At a result some of the Best Holiday Packages from India includes Maldives at the top. You can explore some of the great places with crystal clear blue water and live above the Indian ocean in Some luxury water villas. The perfect place for riding a bike along the beach destination as it is the most common mode of transportation on this islands. If you are planning your trip to the Maldives make sure you must experience Island hopping.


About 30% of the work drive is utilized by the travel industry in the Bahamas. The most loved island escape of Americans, this island town is totally reliant on the travel industry for its prosperity. 22% of its Gross domestic product originates from the travel industry and its unified exercises. The per capita the travel industry pay is $6288. 

St Lucia 

St Lucia invites more than 300,000 guests for every year. In spite of the fact that the monetary lull and regular catastrophes have vigorously affected the economy, this current nation's flawless magnificence can't ward off guests for eternity. The travel industry adds to 13.8% of the complete Gross domestic product of this nation. The most elevated donor after the travel industry is bananas. 


Bermuda has a for each capita the travel industry pay of $5451. A normal visitor spends about $1305 in this nation. With the colossal measure of lodgings here, it is no big surprise that a large portion of the work constrain is utilized by this industry.  Bermuda is a calm and tranquil place perfect to choose in your Honeymoon tour packages

Turks and Caicos 

The per capita the travel industry salary here is $12,420. The all-out number of traveler entries are inclresing day by day. This small nation attracts major Honeymoon Tour Packages from India.


Tanzania saw 1,063,000 voyagers in 2013. Its overflowing untamed life and regular magnificence is the motivation behind why such huge numbers of travelers visit each year. Travel and The travel industry contribute 12.7% to the all-out Gross domestic product. 


Fiji rises from a few hundred tourists to many thousands of tourists, making Fiji's economy a strong economy totally dependent on tourism. The islands are prevalent visitor pullers and are vigorously dependent on the travel industry professionals.

Find Out The Countries That Rely On Tourism

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Traveling is fun but if it is done by planning and you actually enjoy your journey. Most of the time at the end of the journey you might find yourself so tired after numbers of sightseeing that you might feel you don't really have a great time. Back at home, you want some more days off to relax and recover from the long vacations. Check out the best ways which help you plan a great holiday and avoid such mistakes.

Prefer To Work With A Guide 

Working with a guide is the best thing you can do if you are new to any place. You can make your trip more enjoyable because the guide knows exactly what to do and what places should your visit according to your needs and interest. You don't need to waste your time while searching the internet to find amazing things to do on your vacation. Most of the Best Holiday Packages from India included Guided tours.

Wear Plenty Of Sunscreens

You should wear plenty of sunscreens especially if you are traveling to a tropical place where the temperature can easily reach up to as high as 40°C in a normal summer season. Getting a sunburn is one of the few worse things that you can experience in the absence of Sunscreen. You can enjoy your time outside as long as you wear plenty of sunscreens and make sure you reapply it every few hours.

Do Not Skip Your Meals And Snacks 

Many tourists try to cover as many tourists spots as they can and they make their schedule so hectic that they skip lunch or breakfast. Having a perfect 3 meals a day and have snacks between meals.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is an essential need of our body and you can't ignore it while traveling. Keep a water bottle with you and drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water to make sure you get enough fluids. It keeps your body hydrated.

Pack Right And Pack Light

When you are packing it is good to pack one additional dress and leave a few things at home. There are plenty of shops there and if you need anything urgent you can buy it from local stores. 

Put The Phone Aside To Enjoy

While you may want to use your cell phone to click some selfies or to capture the scenic beauty of your destination, you should still put it away from you to enjoy your trip and not to check your notification after every 10 minutes. The more time that you spent focused on the apps and games on your screen, the less time you'll have to focus on what's in front of you. Plan your best holiday packages and give some time to yourself and your partner on your honeymoon.

Get Enough Sleep On Your Journey

It's often troublesome for some tourists to get enough sleep while traveling. For a healthy mind and body, you must take at least 6 hours of sleep. This will feel energetic and you can enjoy roaming around local sites.

Take Frequent Breaks On Your Journey

Whether you driving or riding, you should take some breaks intervals to relax and refresh. Must take a pullover after every 3 hr driving where you can get up and do stretches. 

These are the best ways to plan a perfect Honeymoon Tour Packages from India and make your holiday even more enjoyable.

Best Ways To Make a Holiday Tour More pleasurable

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Explore isolated islands of Thailand by a small cruise trip with your partner on your honeymoon, spot magnificent wildlife on a voyage along the Mekong River the find out the amazing ways to enjoy your holiday trip to Thailand. There are endless ways to explore Thailand's waterways, find out here.

Cruise along the Mekong River

The code to revealing the secrets of one of the most attractive rivers in Asia is to relax and go for a boat ride on your holiday tour. The melting snows of the Tibetan plateau are the main source of the Mekong River. Expanding to a kilometer wide, this river is the natural border between Burma and China. Spend a few days traveling within the historical kingdoms of Lanna and Lan Xang. 

Observe the dynamic moods of the stream, between shore journeys to towns located on either side of Laos and Thailand. Experience the majestic sunset with your partner on your Thailand honeymoon packages is one of the best highlights of the tour. Take a sip of your favorite drink on the deck and watching the sunset is the best way to explore Thailand and loosen up.

Travel to the distant Andaman Islands by watercraft

Sailing around the Andaman Islands is an amazing way to explore Island and making traveling fun as well. The Andaman Islands are quite far from the hustle and bustle of the highly dense region Phuket. A multi-day excursion on a small cruise ship and watching the crystal clear blue water is definitely the thing you always wanted on your honeymoon trip to Thailand. For aquatic habitat supporters, the Mu Koh Lanta Marine Park is not less than a paradise for them. 

If you are interested in snorkeling and scuba diving there are unlimited sites to choose in your honeymoon package for Thailand to get the best marine view. If you are lucky one you can witness the iconic hawksbill turtles, glowing squid, schools of barracuda, and trumpet fish. It is best to get the guide if you want to explore the sea snakes and lurk in the caves.

Open the cultural treasures along your journey to the Chao Phraya River

For ages, people have existed along the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Thailand. This magnificent Chao Phraya River flows through a major part of Thailand and finally fall into the Gulf of Thailand. Take a boat ride to explore the outlines of Traditional villages and other neighborhoods of Bangkok. 

In addition to significant cultural sites such as the majestic Wat Arun (officially named as Temple of the Dawn), an excursion on the Chao Phraya river with Anantara rises above the mainstream, making halts at these places to get know the ancient history and experience old traditions of Thai culture such as drum-making skills. Besides Arun wat must include Bang Nam Pheung popularly known as the green lung of Bangkok on your Thailand holiday package to explore the lush greenery and having the best Thai food on your journey.

Discover isolated islands of Thailand by cruising on your Honeymoon

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If you have never been to Singapore before, consider visiting this small island in Asia. This child-friendly island has almost everything to offer to everyone in the family. Over the years, the government has poured in millions of dollars to tourism projects and continuing to do so in its effort to make Singapore a perfect family vacation destination in Asia. Here are the top spots to explore in Singapore

Tour of the Singapore River

source image

Take the boat ride and cruise down to the wonderful Singapore river on your Singapore honeymoon package. Here you can get the glimpse of both ancient and modern Singapore. The boat ride will also take you around the remain regions and guide elaborate the ancient history of Singapore and how it was the part of Malaysia provinces. Visit some of Singapore's significant architectural landmarks at the end of your journey.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

source image

If you are a nature lover, Singapore Botanic Garden is definitely a great place to visit. This garden possesses an amazing array of both botanical and horticultural attractions with a rich history and some unique plant in their collection of worldwide significance. Singapore is considered as the top region in Asia which attracts the tourists to book the best holiday packages from India.

The Science Centre

 source image

Visit the Science Centre, a new generation museum and science and technology center showing a various assortment of exhibits spanning various disciplines. A fun way to appreciate and acquire scientific knowledge through hands-on exploratory experience. Try the Omni-Theatre for a truly impressive cinematic experience. Kids will love this place as the main highlights of the place is the water park open for all age group.

Sentosa Island

source image

Sentosa is Singapore's most popular resort island Where both tourists and the locals love to go. Here, you can spend a whole day visiting the many attractions the islands has the offer. They have two museums, an Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, 3 beaches, 3 major hotels (and counting), Musical fountains plus many others. Guarantee to give you and your family a fun-filled day. Must include plenty of beach activities in your Cheap Singapore holiday package.

Jurong Bird Park

source image

Another great place for the family. This park has one of the worlds' largest bird collections in the conservation and display of birds in natural settings. Containing more than 8,000 birds from over 600 species of birds. The bird show is highly recommended.

Boat Quay and Clarke Quay

The Quays come alive at night with numerous choices of pubs, clubs, and restaurants along the beautiful Singapore river. Take a walk along the river and savor the 'must try' local dishes to make your trip to Singapore complete.

Singapore Zoological Gardens

source image

Singapore Zoological Gardens attracts over a million visitors a year. It is one of the world's few open zoos, where moats are preferred to cages. Hailed as one of the most beautiful zoos in the World with several tourism awards won in the past years. A place not to be missed if you are traveling with children.

Night Safari Singapore

source image

The Night Safari is the world's first wildlife park with a night view. 6 times winner of Tourism Award since it's inauguration in 1994. This is the best way to experience nature from close. Watch some of the rare species of flora and fauna on your holiday trip to Singapore.

You Can’t Take The Risk To Miss These Spots In Singapore

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Thailand is one of the best nations to visit if you really want to explore the actual beauty of Asia. Thailand is a diversified nation with unique traditions and cultures which attracts millions of tourists every year. As a tourist, you need to find out what are the things that absolutely perfect in your nation but not acceptable here in Thailand. Must read the article to have an idea what to do and what not to so in Thailand before you book any Thailand holiday package.

Opt for visa-on-arrival

While it seems like a convenience, it is not nearly as much. Not to mention it is more expensive than the pre-arrival visa. Read more about my experience of on-arrival visa here.

Disrespect the king

The king of Thailand is a very respected figure. Disrespecting him can land you up in jail. You’d be better off avoiding as much as pointing fingers to the King’s photo.

Go to Thailand for a family vacation

This usually happens with a lot of innocent families with little to no knowledge of Thailand. Thailand is known for its Prostitution industry which can create very awkward situations for you and your family. On most occasions, you’d be able to find a better destination for your family trip. Read more tips here.

Fall for the tuk-tuk scam

Most of the tuk-tuk drivers lure you into walking into multiple shops on the way to your original destination. In return, the drivers get fuel and food coupons from the shop owners.

Take a selfie in temples

Standing with you back to the Buddha is considered offensive. Thailand is famous for its temples. There are hundreds of temples with giant statues of Buddha. So if you’re ever tempted to do this in one of the temples, kindly avoid the urge. Visit other temples also on your holiday trip to Thailand.

Not bargaining during shopping

Most malls and markets in Bangkok are great for frugal and shrewd shoppers. Most items are over-priced and you can get a steal in most places by simply putting your bargaining skills to use.

Not carrying enough cash while visiting Krabi

A lot of remote islands of Krabi do not have enough ATMs. If you don’t carry enough cash you could end up with no money while most places there also only accept cash.

These are some of the important factors that must be kept in mind while you are on your Thailand honeymoon package.

Biggest mistakes people make when visiting Thailand

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