Discover India Architectural Wonders
From the ancient times, India has been the focal point of the world. Few of world's most imperative religions has begun from this land. Buddhism was at one time the overwhelming religion and the several structures of Buddha monasteries and stupas were like an extraordinary example from the past. Around 8th century AD, with the approach of Hinduism, the work of wonderful architectural marvels was noticed through the response of several Hindu rulers like Pallavas and Cholas. Similarly, Rajputs was famous due to their magnificent strength and the construction of different hill forts in Rajasthan for the security purposes.

During the period of Muslim rulers in the 11th century, the land of India was surprisingly got a blend of Persian and Afghan architecture within the exciting style. And from the time Indians being able to add finest Islamic architectures in their history. One can also cover various Churches Which were constructed in European style and have the influence of Dutch, Britishers, French and Portuguese artwork. With this huge variety, you can also discover India on the basis of architectural wonders-

Ajanta & Ellora Caves, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

On the religious theme, such architectural brilliance was a major construction of 2nd century. With a total count of 30 in number, these Ajanta & Ellora caves were basically centered around Buddha and have several paintings crafted on its ground from the past time. Ellora caves are popular due to their presentation in a form of rock cutting and which depicts the different beliefs related to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Their ornamentation and content gives the indication on the elaborate workmanship from the past. As a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these exotic caves present the architectural brilliance of India from the past times.

Ruins of Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi, Karnataka

Ruins of Vijayanagara Empire Hampi Karnataka

Hampi, a Group of Monuments are declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hampi, the Ruins of Vijayanagara Empire surely grasp your attention toward the magnificent effort of Indian architecture. The complex of Vitthala temple with 56 musical pillars at Hampi, has an extraordinary construction feature within its built.

When you struck a single pillar, every pillar emits an interesting musical tone. Other pilgrimage attraction of Hampi is Virupaksha temple in the ancient city of Vijayanagara which has three towers risen up to 160 ft.

Iron Pillar of Delhi, Delhi

Iron Pillar Delhi

Rust proof Iron Pillar was a major construction of 4th century A.D with a Sanskrit inscription in Brahmi script. It seems this wonderful construction is like a taunt at the experimental progression of current scientific world. Its engraving bears that it was constructed in the honor of the Hindu god, Vishnu.

Qutb Complex Delhi

In spite of the fact that a great deal of research has gone into discovering how this iron pillar has withstood quality which resist it from corrosion for almost 1600 years. Nobody has possessed the capacity to think of a delightful clarification to this marvel. Doubtlessly, Iron Pillar of Delhi was a major achievement in the work history of Indian iron-smiths.

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

The group of temples at Khajuraho is a major center of attraction for tourists. It is really a unique group of architecture. This significant group of temples along with its erotic carvings is in the dedication of divine beings like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and several Gods.

Out of 85 there is only 22 have survived till the date. With a centre of major attraction, this artwork is basically committed towards the physical affection, love and pleasure. From the outside, the temples are luxuriously enhanced with sculptural embellishments which win all inclusive deference for their energetic, delicate and youthful magnificence.

Nalanda Ruins, Nalanda, Bihar

Nalanda was an antiquated center of higher learning in India. This first learning institute of India is situated in Bihar, and was majorly influenced by Buddhist teachings.

The immense library of Nalanda University was vast to the point that it is accounted for to have blazed for three months after the intruders set flame to it, with a huge damage and destruction to the religious community and monks.

Great Stupa at Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh

Sanchi is renowned ideal of Buddhist culture. In around 3rd century BCE, this one of the oldest freestanding stone structure in India was constructed during the ruling era of Emperor Ashoka. The place safely preserves the relics of holy Buddhist monks.

With the great dimensions of 120 ft across and 54 ft high, sanctum is enclosed by the Pradakshina Path with its four sided gates which present themes related to Buddha's life. This landmark is the motivation for several Hindu and Buddhist constructions that were inherent in the next hundreds of years.

Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

As a part of seven wonders, discovery of India is incomplete without the visit of Taj Mahal. With its amazing history related to a Love symbol, it is a world famous architecture which requires around 22 years in its entire construction. It is a great blend of Hindu and Indo-Islamic architecture which was constructed in 17th century as a present of Royal empress Mumtaz Mahal from his husband- a great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

Beautiful Taj gives a view of amazing scenery with its huge marble terrace, a dome flanked by four minarets and the cenotaph of queen inside the dome.

Discover India on the Basis of Architectural Wonders

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Sometimes, simple travel becomes a memorable journey. It is a great chance for a traveler to get himself. Apart from any adventure or amusement, some specific visits has relation to your thoughts and the things which can nourish your mind & soul. It is your own time when you can explore the colors of nature, discover the hidden facts and even can get the answers of your own questions.

There are few places in the world which have the ability to offer strength to your inner. Similarly, Buddhist Circuit is a journey, which motivates to know about the secrets of life and bring closer to the teachings of humanity and inner enlightenment. Here, we cover the major Buddhist sites of India which helps to get a spiritual delight for your soul. So, get ready to become a part of this journey with us-

Leh, Jammu and Kashmir

If you want to really explore the Buddhist culture on Indian land, then Leh is a place which preserves most distinct examples of Buddha imprints in a form of richest, oldest and largest monasteries. Additional, Leh is a scenic land which offers you a feel of moon like surface.

So, it is a perfect way to learn the teachings and get help to nourish your soul. On this tranquil land, you can visit Thiksey Monastery, Hemis Monastery, Phyang Monastery, Lamayuru Monastery and many others. In the month of June and July, Hemis Festival is also a way to get spellbound feel.

Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

Dharamsala–Mcleodganj is a renowned place to gain a wonderful spiritual experience. Under the perfect backdrop of immense natural beauty, you can get a blessed feeling with meditation and chant sessions, in popular Buddhist centers like Namgyal Monastery, Gyuto Monastery, Nechung Monastery and many others.

With the grand Bhuddism colors, Dharamsala is also famed as a Dalai Lama's official residence. Get ready to collect a spiritual treasure on this calm and peaceful land.

Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

Enjoy a beauty of wonderful cultural experience at the popular spiritual site of Buddhism. During this fascinating journey, you can collect several colors for your life.

You can silently spend your time in meditation caves and gain life winning experience. Beautiful monasteries of Spiti are also popular due to their artwork, scriptures and statues.

Mindrolling Monastery, Dehradun

Mindrolling Monastery is an extravagant Buddhist center. This holy school of Tibetan religion helps you to gain knowledge and history of Buddhism. This marvelous holy place is one of the six major monasteries of Nyingma School of Buddhism.

At this prominent Buddhist Indian institute, you can also practice Buddhism study. You can also witness a tall sacred marvel in a form of Great Stupa along with the numerous collection of murals and relics.

Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh

With a great historical significance, Sarnath is a place from where Lord Buddha begins his sermons and preaching. Even place has major importance due to its consideration among one of the four sacred Buddhist places in India.

After enlightenment, Lord Buddha gave his first sermon at that place. So, it is a popular site on world map which attracts worldwide tourists.

Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh

After Sarnath, Kushinagar has similar importance due to Mahaparinirvana of Lord Buddha at the age of 81. Here, you can witness a Ramabhar Stupa. It is a place where Lord Buddha was cremated. Even this site has several related things to Buddhism. It is a place where Siddhartha said his last lesson.

You can also visit at Mahaparinirvana temple to view Buddha statue in a reclining posture. Kushinagar as one of the most important Buddhist places also has several stupas, shrines, temples and a museum.

Vaishali, Bihar

Vaishali, a city of Bihar has relation with Buddha, with his 5th year of enlightenment. Due to cultural, religious and historical importance, the place has several relic shrines and stupas.

Similarly, the place holds a major importance due to several Pillars of Ashoka, as an example of fine artwork.

Bodh Gaya, Bihar

In Buddhism, Bodh Gaya was the place where Prince Siddhartha achieved enlightenment underneath a Bodhi tree and got to be Buddha 2600 years earlier. It is the most consecrated spot around the local area which prospers inside the Mahabodhi temple complex, in the midst of a wonderful green setting, its roots inserted in the same soil as its commended progenitor.

As far as blessedness, this minor temple town is to Buddhists what Mecca is to Muslims. There are three Buddh monasteries and various associations offering teachings on Buddhism. Obviously, it draws in a huge number of visitors from around the globe consistently, who seek study, prayer and meditation. Here, you can feel a vibe which has a blend of ascetic serenity and small-town commotion.

Rajgir, (Nalanda) Bihar

Rajgir is a delightful city in Nalanda District, in Bihar attracts the consideration of travelers from everywhere throughout the globe. This site is concealed by rough hillocks and is set in a valley. Also, the peaceful mood of this site will invigorate your mind and soul. It is the destination where Siddhartha is accepted to have given numerous sermons and Lord Mahavir had lived here for quite a while.

It has an engaging history to uncover several secrets. As per the legends, Lord Buddha commonly visited in the peaceful settings of Jivankamaravana Monastery. You can also visit at Vultures Peak- a famous meditating site for Buddhist monks.

Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

The popular Tawang Monastery is locally known as Gaden Namgyal Lhatse. It was established by Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso in the year 1680-81. On the top of the hill, at an altitude of around 10,000 feet, the place gives a look of celestial paradise. It provides a commanding look to entire Tawang-chu valley with its awe-inspiring perspectives.

With the India's largest monasteries, it has a housing capacity of more than 700 monks. This grand, rich and colorful center is a prime place to learn the lessons of spirituality. You can also view the collection of significant scriptures at monastery’s library.

Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim

Rumtek Monastery or the Dharma Chakra Center is one of the popular monasteries in Sikkim. At an altitude of 1550 m, it is one of the significant centers of Kagyu lineage. Even, it is also considerate as imitation of the Kagyu main centre in Tibet. Initially, after the work of 9th Karmapa, it was reconstructed by 16th Karmapa.

This imperative spiritual center also includes shrine, monastery, stupas, nun's hostel and a retreat center in its complex. This largest monastery of Sikkim offers you a rich blend of color and culture within its surroundings. You can attend daily ritual services and chanting during your visit at Rumtek Monastery.

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There are several places around the world which have popularity due to their significant history. Such places have powerful evidences and related curiosity which entirely changed the shape of this world. Within the different locations on this earth, such places preserves a unique history along with logical facts. One must roam around the world to explore such thousands years past hidden mysteries. Even the art, sculpture and superb architectures from the past period have the power to explain the old civilization along with their interesting connection with the present. 

Let's ready to become a logical traveller and collect ancient facts from the pocket of history.

Athens, Greece

Athens is considered among one of the oldest cities of the world with origins dating back to 3000 BC. It is the birthplace of Western civilization where you can view the prime records of Western literature, democracy and philosophy. Majorly, the place is popular among the wonderful architecture of theaters, famous landmarks, birth of Olympic games and several mathematical principles.

Athens, Greece

The Acropolis of Athens has wonderful landmarks that look back to the Greek civilisation and presents structural glory to the center. During the period of Ancient Greece, this urban center was home to Plato and Aristotle like genius personalities. You can explore the popular Acropolis of Athens, UNESCO World Heritage Site and Acropolis museum as one of the world's top ranked museums. Athens is genuinely an awesome destination for any individual who is keen on Greek mythology or philosophy.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor keeps on being a standout amongst the most critical and most stunning archaeological locales in South-East Asia. Angkor Wat, undoubtedly, is a most prominent and historic point of attraction in Cambodia. Worked by King Suryavarman the Second, route back in 12th Century, this religious attraction is a great example of Khmer architecture.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Home to the staggering religious attractions like Angkor Wat, which has kept up its structure after the 12th Century. It is a world renowned architecture due to its orientation in west direction. Visitors can just drop their jaws at the greatness and the excellence of the temple. The Ancient city was at one time the focal point of the Khmer realm that ruled a large portion of South East Asia, rich in cultural importance and history making it a most famous historical attractions of our time.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

Egypt, a beautiful land of Nile is renowned among its glorious past. Cairo is a place which safely preserves the ancient remains of Egypt. You can explore Pyramid at Giza, Valley of the Kings, the Great Phoenix, Karnak and the Egyptian museum in a form of wonderful architectural examples. It will be your inspirational visit, when you watch such huge sized structures as an astonished accomplishment of man more than 4500 years back.

Khajuraho, India

Khajuraho, India

The temples of Khajuraho are staggering symbols of medieval Indian design. There are around 20 temples which are as a remain of original 85. Produced using sandstone, these popular temples represent a form of erotica and is touted as a tribute to lovemaking and life.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, known as "the Lost City of the Incas" is the most popular among mysterious places on the earth. It is most visited tourist attraction of Peru. This 15th century Inca site is situated at an altitude of 2,435 m on a mountain. It is a place where you can understand the height of imagination or sense of creativity from the people of past centuries when we can't imagine the study of archaeology. The city represents a wonderful remainder of Incan Empire which was rediscovered in 1911 and have Temple of the Sun, Room of the Three Windows and Intihuatana Stone like popular attractions. The site offers stunning perspectives, where you can stroll and imagine its royal past.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

At the point when wandering into Marrakech's focal square, you will soon find yourself in a traditional life which was untouched for a considerable length of time. Discover the several marvels of the city with your visit at mosques, maze of souks, radiant castles and other unpredictable outlines which gives you an amazing feel. The city's ancient towns appeared to be untouched and unruined, with truly no hint of present day info, making Marrakech one of the Middle-Easts most intriguing urban communities to visit.

Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

Petra is renowned as a lost city which was just rediscovered by the Western world in 1812. Petra was the old capital of the Nabataean kingdom. This wonderful creative place gives a look of stone like carving into the side of the Wadi Musa. Broadly known as the 'Rose City' due to its dazzling architecture cut out in pink sandstone. Petra has been exciting visitors even before it was announced a World Heritage Site in 1985. Strolling through Petra's canyon like streets will leave a profound impact on you, and one can't visit the deserted city without envisioning how it resembled to live in Petra in its prime years. Accepted to have been built up in 312 BC, Petra is home to more than 800 old structures including tombs, homes and temples. The water channel frameworks of this old archaeological city will surely leave you astounded.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Rome is a paradise for history aficionados. It is considered as one of the biggest and most persuasive domains in history during Roman realm. The extremely popular eternal City is home to a couple of notorious bits of architecture that incorporate Colosseum, Roman Forum, the Arch of Constantine and Arch of Titus, the Pantheon and Castel Sant'Angelo. It will a challenge that an outing to Rome is deficient without a stroll along the paths around the Baroque and Renaissance structures there.

Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal in Agra, isn't simply a part of the Seven Wonders of the World, but at the same time is a standout amongst the most delightful landmarks that has stood out forever as an image of interminable affection. Clearly, the Taj Mahal is India's most well known and commended antiquated architecture. However, Agra, a short outing from Delhi, offers a plenitude of historical attractions for the history buff. During the rule of Shah Jahan, this landmark was supposed to have taken two decades to finish.

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