Experience the tonic of life by going to the locations that have the genuine soul of literary works that have impressed you since your young age. The paramount places to experience the literary crux will put you in amazement.

Man Reading Book


The capital city of Scotland has been a big inspiration of huge collection of novels from past times. Even this writing tradition is famous from the 18th century with the great attractions of Robert Burns.


If you get the chance to enjoy the literary environment of Edinburgh then never forget to explore the writer’s museum.


Dublin Writers Museum

The capital city of Ireland has been the ambiance of eminent literary work with the name Irish novelist and poet James Joyce.

Dublin Old Books Library

Here Dublin Writers Museum, the Abbey Theatre, illuminated manuscript of ‘Book of Kells’ and foremost figures of W.B. Yeats is the major attraction of tourists.


London Library

The most amazing city of England has an extremely rich literary heritage record. The place has been featured with the literary work of the names Doyle and Dickens.

London Sherlock Holmes Library

It is a place of World famous British Library, home of Fictional Character Sherlock Holmes in the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Studying Paris

Paris as a capital city of France and one of the most renowned place in the world has devotional museums to big names Honore de Balzac and Victor Hugo.

Paris Hotel

Hotel Le Pavillon des Lettres and cafe Les Deux Magots has their historical relation in a form of dedication to famous writers. A visit to Paris is a simple way to enhance your mythical knowledge 
and its related facts.

St. Petersburg

Pushkin Apartment Museum

St. Petersburg, a place of own rich legendary history is one of the famous cities of Russia. Pushkin Apartment Museum at River Moika is a way to get the touch of Alexander Pushkin’s life and his creativity.

St. Petersburg

Similarly, Literary Cafe (1816) is also a famous destination with the past famous names in its long life history.

The Five Best Literary Destinations For the Bookworm-Traveler

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Food and Drinks
We work to eat, we live to eat; simply said, we are born to eat. And won’t it be a waste of a life if we miss out on the most delicious cuisines from around the world while we live? Death smiles at us all. All we can do about it is smile back. So why not enjoy all the fruits of life before resigning to our ultimate inevitable fate? Here is a list of some of the finest delicacies from around the world which you should make sure to have a taste of, no matter what. Here we go...

Healthy Food

Macallan Scotch—Speyside, Scotland

A fifth of this exquisite 25-year-old Macallan will cost you about $600, but once you have a taste of it, you won’t stop craving for more (never mind the price); just like a vampire craves for blood! Imagine “drinking” a campfire on the coldest wintry night; that’s exactly the feeling I am talking about. The best place to enjoy this drink is in the southeast of Aviemore (Speyside to be precise) where it’s snowy with plenty of shallow streams to listen to.

Macallan Scotch Scotland

Spotted Dick—London, England

Also called Plum Duff, the Spotted Dick is a dessert pudding that’s made of dried currants, custard, and rum as the main ingredients. In the best restaurants, they add a generous douse of your favorite rum on top and that’s what gives the flavor which you are so gonna relish. While in London make sure this heavenly dessert is on your topeating list.

Spotted Dick London England

Churrasco—Belem, Brazil

Churrasco is a particularly Brazilian and Argentinian style of serving meat. As it is, these two countries are internationally known for great steaks; while they have some equally great pork, lamb, mutton, chicken and seafood. Some restaurants serve all you can eat, sliced fresh off the grill, along with corn, rice, and fresh fruits, especially mangoes. Belem will serve you some of the “bestest” Churrasco you will ever dig in!

Churrasco Brazil

Pizza—Napoli, Italy

The Italians made the pizza and as a matter of fact, there is no better place to taste the pizza except for in Italy. The very first pizza was invented in Napoli (Naples) in Italy by the poorer class who couldn’t afford anything other than bread dough, tomatoes and cheese. Putting these three items and baked gives you the pizza which is one of personal favorite food, I will admit. The extremely good tomatoes found in the San Marzano area in Napoli gives the traditional pizza the superb taste; a taste you will die for, I bet!

Pizza Italy

Fire-Roasted Lamb—Stavros, Crete

The Greeks know how to have fun, and if you can’t decide which you like more, mountains or a beach, just settle for both. What makes your vacation better is the exquisite fire-roasted lamb that’s roasted on a spit outside is a Grecian tradition, and you haven’t lived until you’ve tried it cooked by Grecian grandmothers!

Fire Roasted Lamp

It is typically rubbed with apples several times during cooking, and served with ghanoush, vegetable-stuffed grape leaves, Greek red wine, and homemade baklava. There are plenty of quaint beachfront restaurants in Stavros, in the shadow of the Akrotirian Mountains. Before, during and after supper, as you will be eating with friendly strangers, locals and tourists, you’ll be encouraged to drink ouzo, a Greek liquor that tastes like aniseed.

Fire Roasted Lamp Crete

Sachertorte—Vienna, Austria

Vienna is world famous for its desserts, and the sachertorte at the Sacher Hotel is even more world-famous among the world famous desserts. It is a dry chocolate cake, with apricot jam between layers, and dark chocolate icing on the top and sides. The only place outside Vienna where you can find it is a Sacher shop in Bolzano, Italy. It is served with whipped, heavy cream, which balances its dry flavor. A must-try for pastry lovers!

Sachertorte Austria

Trockenbeerenauslese—Bavarian Alps

Germany has its fair share of a claim to the world’s wines. Trockenbeerenauslese is extraordinarily sweet, white wine, with so much sugar in it that it’s syrupy.


If you’ve had a taste of bad wine and lost your liking for it, this will get you back on track. It is expensive, but can have as much as 300 grams of sugar per bottle, which will give you diabetes if you want it to. Alcohol content is therefore quite low as wines go, which means you can drink quite a lot before you get drunk. It makes a great dessert in itself, and goes very well with a local pretzel, a fresh, big one, with salt to cut the wine’s sweetness.

Germany Wine

Lobster and Cracked Crab—Pink Beaches of Harbor Island, Bahamas

Perhaps you aren’t as big a fan of mountains as you are of the tropics. Harbor Island is world famous for its pink-sand beaches, and Dunmore Town caters to tourists with outstanding seafood restaurants the highlights of which are lobsters and cracked crabs. Have your fruit of the sea brought out to you on the beach in the late afternoon, and the sunset will be behind you, over the palm and coconut trees. There is no better way to spend a laid-back afternoon!

Seafood Bahamas


At least one supper you eat should have the greatest wine in the world. Domaine de la Romanee-Conti is a very small vineyard, only 4 acres, and only produces about 5,000 bottles a year, but those 5,000 have a taste beyond comprehension. Rather than trying to describe the taste, it would simply suffice to say that a very good vintage will be 20 to 30 years old and will cost you no less than $900 a glass, or you can say about $3,600 a bottle. Some vintages have sold at auction for $14,000 a bottle. It’s all about money, honey!

Romanee Conti France

Spaghetti Bolognese—Bologna, Italy

For good and all, now and forever, the greatest spaghetti in the world is in Italy, and the finest restaurants are in Bologna.

Spagetti Bolognese Italy

Its nickname is “di Grassa,” “Bologna the Fat.” Sure, the Chinese invented the noodles, but tomato sauces are expressly Italian. The best spaghetti you will find is at Clorofilla, Strada Maggiore, Bologna, Bologne.

The 10 Food and Drinks You Need to Try Before You Die

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Iceland, as we know it, is a remote Nordic European country sparsely visited for a vacation. Besides training astronauts prior to going to the moon for the first time, or that everyone in this country plays chess and reads voraciously, Iceland has more to offer... some of which will simply blow you off your mind. Wonder how? Read on as we reveal some of the most amazing facts about this country.

Glacier Caves Blue

  • This island country has but only one native mammal- the arctic fox. Reindeers were imported as early as in the 1700s. 
Arctic Fox Iceland

  • The Icelanders use a lot of sauce in their food. There are more than 50 types of different sauces in the Icelandic menu most of which you haven’t even tasted before. The yoghurts the Icelanders make looks more like cheese. And you will be surprised to know that there aren’t even one single McDonalds in the country! 
Iceland Sauce

  • Does the sound of the word Volcano gets your heart beating? There is no better place than Iceland for you to go in that case. With over 200 active and dormant volcanoes, Iceland is a volcano lover’s paradise. And you may be impressed to know that more than a quarter of the nation’s energy is generated through these volcanoes. 
Dormant Volcanoes Iceland

  • Iceland is home to how many cities, could you guess? It’s but one with Reykjavik as the one city and the capital of the country. Awed much?
Reykjavik City

  • Iceland, as opposed to the name, is mostly green round the year. Yes, it snows of course, but the Icelanders have solemnly resolved to plant trees, and the planted trees exceed in per capita as compared to any other nation. 
Iceland Green Round the Year

  • Crime is next to none in Iceland. In fact, the first police-related shooting death in the country's history occurred in 2013. For the most part though, the police don't even carry guns. Now, won’t you want to settle down in a country as safe?
Crime Scenes

  • Pestered by mosquitoes? Iceland is the best escape you will ever find. This nation boasts of being a zero-mosquito country, another one being the Faroe Islands. The Icelanders will never have to worry about Malaria and other mosquito-related diseases!
Mosquito Free Zone

  • The sun virtually never sets in Iceland during summers. Of course, the nights are not as bright as the days but you will always get to see the sun in the horizon. Sounds wonderful? 
Virtual Sunset Iceland

  • Icelanders don’t carry a last name. Yes, it’s true. Everybody seems to know everybody here. And because there are no last names, the phone book is organized according to first name. They are also ranked as the fourth happiest nation on Earth.

  • Iceland is a country of the elves! Superstition? Try saying that to any Icelander if you can deal with a severe stare at the least. 
Elves Territory

The majority of the Icelanders believe in elves and in 2013, a highway construction project was canceled only because "elf advocates" protested the destruction of elf territory. Would you still stick to your claims now? I guess not!

10 Reasons to Add Iceland to Your Next Holiday Destination List

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Holidays Mode - 640x385
Booking a vacation is easy; concluding it on a safe note is not. One needs to practice common-sense precautions and otherwise in order to return smiling at the end of the day. While some countries have stringent laws to ensure tourists’ safety, others are considered dodgy for the same. While travelling to such precarious destinations, there is set of travelling dos and don’ts you need to follow in order to return home safe. However, the rule of the thumb lays stress on the fact that you need to start blending in as soon as board off the flight. Playing glamorous or extravagant will attract unwanted attention, which might result in spinning your long-anticipated vacation to something you will remember for the rest of your life but as a nightmare. Also, the best way to get out of any uncomfortable situation is to simply apologize and walk away; the sooner the better.

Dos and Donts - 600x336

Now, here is a list of some of the most important travel safety tips which every tourist needs to follow while visiting abroad. Here we go…


·     Read about the country before you board the flight. Getting an idea about the way things work in the country you are travelling to will help you blend in. While there, be aware of the surroundings. Keeping your eyes and ears open for the sinister kind will keep safe, nonetheless.

Getting an Idea about Foreign Country - 668x393

·     The best way to handling your finances in a country alien to you is to use credit cards instead of carrying wads of cash. You can exchange your money for the local currency but make sure you have the bills in small denominations and coins. Carrying flashy notes is totally discouraged.
·     Leaving valuables in your hotel room is a very unsafe thing to do. Why not try the hotel locker instead? Also make sure you close all the doors and windows before leaving your hotel room… Keeps you goods safe from thieves and burglars.

Safe 1500x1108

·      Do keep photocopies of your passport. You will need it in case the original booklet gets misplaced or stolen. It’s advised to carry a photocopy of the passport with you while going out, keeping the original locked in the hotel’s safe-deposit vault. International travel safety measures highly encourage this action.
·     Dressing up has got a lot to do with your safety in a foreign country. For instance, roaming about the streets clad in nothing but a bikini, in countries like Vietnam, will attract raised eyebrows, at the least. More is worst. So, make sure you dress up according to your surroundings as this will make you look more like a local and not otherwise. Avoid expensive jewellery of any kind.

Dress Up - 1600x1200

·       Keep vehicle doors locked and windows rolled up in case you have rented a car to go sightseeing.
·    Travelling with companions, rather than travelling solo, will keep you safer. As they say, there is safety in numbers!
·      Stay alert against staged distractions. While you will be engrossed debating with the guy who bumped on you or accidently spilt his drink over you, his accomplice might have stole your money and valuables already in the event of that momentary distraction.

Full Moon Party - 680x454


·      As stated earlier, carrying wads of cash or exchanging money at discreet places will make you prone to theft or robberies. International travel safety measures count this as a high priority blunder. Don’t get engaged in such acts.

Best Way to Carry Money While Travelling - 1024x680

·     Don’t dress up the way it is not customary in the country you are travelling in. Also, try not to look confused or lost, and DON’T take out you map in a public place whatsoever. You don’t want to look like a tourist only to be taken advantage of by the local thugs.
·     Don’t carry large backpacks that look like luggage holders. While walking down the street, it is advisable not to tread with a bag slung loosely as reports of bag snatching by bikes is high on the rise.
·    Don’t leave your bags unattended in a public place, and don’t ever carry cash, valuables such as expensive gadgets or jewelry in your luggage. You hotel’s safe deposit vault is the safest haven for these stuff.

Dont Leave your Luggage Unattended - 569x264

·     Don’t park you vehicle anywhere you want to. Choose a well lit place. Also, do not give a lift to anyone on the road. Who knows, the person could be a robber in disguise of a tourist.
·     Don’t walk through dark alleys or dangerous looking locations at night. Asking for your way back to the hotel to some stranger is highly discouraged as well. All travel safety tips lists will tell you of the same. To ask your route clearly implies to the fact that you aren’t a local, which makes you more prone to attacks and robbery.

Woman Being Stalked - 600x399

·     Don’t offend tourists or locals in any way. If you want to avoid trouble, you need to be extra cautious not to offend anyone.
·     Don’t be tempted to solicit prostitutes. Buying illegal drugs is a severely punishable offence in most countries. Also, do not try to smuggle goods out of the country. Breaking international law will land you behind the bars for a major portion of your life.

Prostitutes - 1600x1065

So, here are some of the many travelling dos and don’ts which if followed to the letter will keep you safe throughout the trip. We will come up with more tips in the days to come. Hope you have a happy trip! Keep Safe!

Travel Safety Tips for the Prospective Voyager

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Honeymoon Dreams
Honeymoon ideas don’t need any expert advice of sorts, does it? I mean, honeymoon is that precise time of your life when you along with your beau would love to spend some private time together, which would, as a matter of fact, help in shaping up your marriage in the long run. If you take my word, I would suggest the place to be anywhere you choose to be. It could be even as simple as your backyard! All that matters is the two of you being together; who cares about wherever you are, anyway. As long as you are having a quality time together, there is nothing that can hold you from living the dream.

Maui Wedding

However, there are some of us who would rather prefer to travel to some exotic destination of choice to commemorate this once in a lifetime event. While some are bound by their fetish to travel, others board the flight just so they can make the event memorable. Staying at a luxury hotel in some exotic beach destination has been the prevalent trend among the majority of honeymooners while others choose to relinquish on the city life.

Maldives Honeymoon Holidays

Types of Honeymoon

Well, there is a good enough reason as to why people maintain to stick with the whole “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” thing— the obvious rationale: doing it the traditional way makes your folks happy. So, if you are not the adventurous kind and can’t risk trying out anything new, here are some classic honeymoon ideas that are beyond doubt great options to chose from.


Fiji has always been a hit among honeymooners. Warm sandy beaches and tropically mild, clear blue waters make the landscape a pleasure to contemplate. With countless water activities like snorkeling, water skiing, glass boat ride and other akin stuff, Fiji has been highly flourishing in its endeavor of rising as the honeymooners’ paradise. This is one great place to soak up the sun and you will know better when you go for the same.

Intercontinental Fiji

Next on the list is Hawaii which has long been the newlyweds’ exotic destination of choice. With countless beaches, clear blue waters, beach parties and umpteen outdoor activities for those who are so inclined, it’s a can’t-afford-to-miss good time. Moreover, this precise vacation will put you thousands of miles away from your in-laws which is a chance you won’t want to miss.

Wedding Flower Shower

East Coasters will often opt for the shorter jaunt to the Caribbean, where they can enjoy many of the same luxuries offered in Hawaii with less time spent in airplanes. Similarly, Western Europe is also a long-standing honeymoon tradition, with happy couples jetting off to France, Italy, and Spain. All three offer plenty of ways to both relax and explore, which is what the first few weeks of marriage is all about, right?

Honeymoon in Sandals Resorts Bahamas

Free Thinkers
While there’s nothing wrong with going the traditional route, some people will make the argument that those destinations are cliché. For those independent couples, destinations like Turkey, Croatia, and the Greek Islands beckon.

Honeymoon in Santorini Greece

All three locations offer opportunities to soak up the sun, eat fantastic food, and take in fascinating cultures. The crystal waters of the Dalmatian Coast are just one of the reasons that Croatia is fast becoming a luxury beach destination. Meanwhile, Turkey allows you to say that you honeymooned in both Europe and Asia. The beach town of Izmir is the perfect home base from which you can explore the ruins at Ephesus before heading to Cappadocia for days spent hot air ballooning and hiking the seemingly Martian landscape. The Greek islands allow for days spent at sea and nights eating fresh seafood in Crete and Lesbos.

Romantic Dinner

The last category of honeymooners can’t sit still. Rather than collapse after months of planning, they prefer to blow off steam by seeking out adrenaline rushes.

Sky Diving on Honeymoon

Safaris are a popular honeymoon activity for couples that want to splurge on a trip that they might never experience again. Seeing huge migrations of wildebeests, prides of lions, and grazing giraffes are the kinds of experiences that you want to share with the most special person in your life. That’s what has so many Americans honeymooning in South Africa and Tanzania.

Safari Adventure on Honeymoon

South America also offers thrill-seeking honeymooners a chance to bond in exotic locales. The Galapagos Islands are home to animals species found nowhere else in the world, as well as fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving sites.


We would be coming up with more amazing honeymoon ideas shortly. So, stay tuned!

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Assorted Honeymoon Ideas for the Newly-Weds

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