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France is an ideal destination for a newly wedded couple looking for a perfect honeymoon trip in Europe. Whether you’ve been lured in by the fairytale-like towns of Provence, the sun-soaked coast of the Southern side of France, or the romantic and passionate whimsy of Paris, you won’t regret booking France honeymoon package from India
But while the dream does indeed become a reality you need to be aware of the culture and traditions of France. We've put together some essential tips on the customs, decorum, traditions, cultures, eating out and getting around in France, to make sure you spend a perfect honeymoon trip to France.

France is a lot more than just Paris
France doesn’t start and complete in Paris! Too many honeymooners visit only Paris and then claim to experience entire France. France is such a beautifully diverse country, with a whole host of various cultures and micro-climates. It’s important to visit Paris more than one if you want to endure France properly. Go to Paris but always remember that France has lots of other things to offer you. Try to plan your itinerary which covers maximum cities of France so that you can watch the real face of France.

Unique Geographically Location
France is one of the most geographically diverse countries in Europe. From mighty ochre canyons of Roussillon and Rustrel to the stunning Calanques bordering the Mediterranean, to the mountainous wilderness of the Pyrenees, the volcano-studded Auvergne and the pine-fringed plains of the Landes France have a lot to offer its tourists. Each landscape is unique and it deserves to be explored on your journey. Try to cover some nearby areas in your Europe honeymoon packages, if you have the time.

Try travel in off-season to ditch the crowd
Not surprisingly, mid-July to mid-August time is the busiest period to travel to France. Entire Europe is on school holidays and places are crowded with lots of tourist from all over the world. If you want to avoid the crowd, you should plan your holiday after August.

Getting cash from the ATM is cheaper than currency exchanger
Avoid additional transaction fees by withdrawing some amount of cash from any bank ATM in France. Just make sure you have the international ATM card which would work in France or any European country. It is better to travel with two cards just in case one is swallowed by the ATM (sometimes it happens).

Cash is always the king
Not every shop will accept plastic money/card as a means of payment. It’s necessary to have cash with you at all times, or you may find yourself in trouble when you urgently needed some things and there is no ATM available nearby. Some shops selling cheap goods and they will ask you to buy something else with your item to get the minimum of €10 to use your card. Have some money in hand to avoid excessive shopping.

Always keep your ID on you
No matter what, always keep your ID's with you and least have the soft copies with you.  Also, there is a law in France to always carry ID with you. And technically, your driver’s license is in no use unless it is an international driving card. The ID has to be in the form that will be worldwide accepted such as a passport.

Try to learn a few basic words or phrases
For the most part, you can easily survive in France just fine without knowing the local language at all. But you’re assured a better time if you do a little work to learn the basic words and phrases. It can be as simple as learning Au Revoir (goodbye), Bonjour (hello), Merci (Thanks), Pardon (pardon/sorry), and S’il vous plait (please), etc. Your efforts of having the basic knowledge are always appreciated.

Smoking is commonplace
Unlike many parts of the world, smoking still is fashionable in France. You can expect to be met with a smell of smoke every time you enter or leave a building, simply walk behind someone in the street, or sit at an outdoor cafe. Even queues aren’t exempt from this poison. If you aren’t a smoker the best way to deal with it is simply to write it off as part of the culture or try to eat indoors which are smoke-free.

Make reservations beforehand
If you really want to try out a restaurant or want to have a romantic brunch with your partner, make sure to call ahead for a reservation or book in your France honeymoon packages just to get the reservation and it will save a lot of time and you can spend more time enjoying the beauty of the most romantic country in Europe.

Europe is the best place to spend your honeymoon and it is good to know the traditions and cultures of the region you are traveling in.


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