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If you have never been to Singapore before, consider visiting this small island in Asia. This child-friendly island has almost everything to offer to everyone in the family. Over the years, the government has poured in millions of dollars to tourism projects and continuing to do so in its effort to make Singapore a perfect family vacation destination in Asia. Here are the top spots to explore in Singapore

Tour of the Singapore River

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Take the boat ride and cruise down to the wonderful Singapore river on your Singapore honeymoon package. Here you can get the glimpse of both ancient and modern Singapore. The boat ride will also take you around the remain regions and guide elaborate the ancient history of Singapore and how it was the part of Malaysia provinces. Visit some of Singapore's significant architectural landmarks at the end of your journey.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

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If you are a nature lover, Singapore Botanic Garden is definitely a great place to visit. This garden possesses an amazing array of both botanical and horticultural attractions with a rich history and some unique plant in their collection of worldwide significance. Singapore is considered as the top region in Asia which attracts the tourists to book the best holiday packages from India.

The Science Centre

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Visit the Science Centre, a new generation museum and science and technology center showing a various assortment of exhibits spanning various disciplines. A fun way to appreciate and acquire scientific knowledge through hands-on exploratory experience. Try the Omni-Theatre for a truly impressive cinematic experience. Kids will love this place as the main highlights of the place is the water park open for all age group.

Sentosa Island

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Sentosa is Singapore's most popular resort island Where both tourists and the locals love to go. Here, you can spend a whole day visiting the many attractions the islands has the offer. They have two museums, an Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, 3 beaches, 3 major hotels (and counting), Musical fountains plus many others. Guarantee to give you and your family a fun-filled day. Must include plenty of beach activities in your Cheap Singapore holiday package.

Jurong Bird Park

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Another great place for the family. This park has one of the worlds' largest bird collections in the conservation and display of birds in natural settings. Containing more than 8,000 birds from over 600 species of birds. The bird show is highly recommended.

Boat Quay and Clarke Quay

The Quays come alive at night with numerous choices of pubs, clubs, and restaurants along the beautiful Singapore river. Take a walk along the river and savor the 'must try' local dishes to make your trip to Singapore complete.

Singapore Zoological Gardens

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Singapore Zoological Gardens attracts over a million visitors a year. It is one of the world's few open zoos, where moats are preferred to cages. Hailed as one of the most beautiful zoos in the World with several tourism awards won in the past years. A place not to be missed if you are traveling with children.

Night Safari Singapore

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The Night Safari is the world's first wildlife park with a night view. 6 times winner of Tourism Award since it's inauguration in 1994. This is the best way to experience nature from close. Watch some of the rare species of flora and fauna on your holiday trip to Singapore.

You Can’t Take The Risk To Miss These Spots In Singapore

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We know Singapore for its mouth-watering cuisines, pristine beaches and vacillating adult entertainment, the first-time traveler to this place will get some new unusual experience to remember their tropical holiday. One of the best place for a honeymoon couple to visits for their honeymoon. Singapore provides you with a wide range of places to visits, so book your Singapore Honeymoon Packages from India and witness the mesmerizing beauty of Singapore. Here are the top Essential Singapore Travel Tips For The first-Time Vacationers that may help you in your journey.

Be open to learning new things

If you are first time visitor then you must be open to learning new thing, as there are much to explore. Singapore is an interesting country which offers you plenty of opportunities to get surprised. Here you discover some new things which are unusual to you, sometimes you found them useful and sometimes you took them as a useless thing, but remember you are not in your home, so get used to this fact.

Don’t expect their things as they are at home

When you are away from your native country on your one of the Singapore Honeymoon Packages, things may be different due to variation in culture, tradition and main language. With different traditions and customs, you’ll find some differences between your country to theirs. sometimes a visitor finds its difficult to get through but with some patience and practice, you can enjoy the tour of Singapore.

Singapore is a left-hand drive country

As most of the countries drive on the right-hand side of the road, but Singapore comes under the few countries that drive the left-hand side of the road. So, if you are from a right-hand side driving country then you need to get used to the fact, that it is a left-hand side drive. To avoid this problem, you can hire a cab instead of driving by yourself.

Manners are universal, use them

One must respect others. As some manners are universal, they are cosmopolitan, belong to the whole world. Bowing down your head is a universal symbol for greeting someone. Just like that, you can learn some of their local gestures. It will help you in your whole tour.

Learn the fundamentals of the local language

You must learn some of the fundamentals of the local language. You can use them frequently when there is a need. It is the greatest way to show some respect for the local people also break down the hindrances and begin interactions. You just need to know some basic words like water, washroom, cab, hotel, restaurant etc.

Try different local dishes

When you visit some new place, you should try their different local food, get ready to explore the new cuisines, take your taste buds for some ride. Explore the different texture, taste, color, and essence of the food you eat. You will get some lifetime memories with you. So, try their local food to get the flavor of Singapore.

Guard your passport

When you are in a new place, the only thing which is as precious as you is your passport. This little document is your international identity. You must keep it with you all the time. Whether you are in a hotel or on the beach. Local police can ask you any time to show your identity, which might end up getting yourself into trouble if you are unable to provide it so.

Considering these mentioned points will help you in your tour, Singapore is the land of smile, so smile whenever you asked for something. It is a great place to visit for your honeymoon. Singapore people are very kind and generous. You will end up making many friends there.

Essential Singapore Travel Tips For The First-Time Vacationers

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The honeymoon is the start of your new life. After tiring ceremonies of the wedding, you need some alone time to spend some time with your new partner. If you are looking for a perfect honeymoon destination then Singapore is the place for you. It has so much to offer you that it make your honeymoon a memorable one. Read the article before you book Singapore honeymoon packages from India and get to know some of the best places in Singapore to visit on your honeymoon.

Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is a picturesque 10.2 sq km tropical isle lying northwest of Singapore. Pulau Ubin is viewed as one of the very last destinations where one can genuinely enjoy and observe actual Singapore for what it used to be, just before to the immediate urbanization. Pulau Ubin is one of the last two kampongs of Singapore and is positioned just a 20-minute motorboat ride away from the main landmass. Pulau Ubin is a perfect honeymoon trip to Singapore for couple who likes to spend some lone time with each other and also it is no less than a nature paradise.

It has a thrilling and exciting bike trail for those who are curious in some Adrenalin rush activity such as mountain biking. Other than mountain biking, tourists can also purely discover the tropical isle on a pedal bike. The region is wonderful and is loaded with captivating lakes, wide rolling meadows and lush green forests. A wide range of exceptional birds can often be observed in the woods. A perfect place to plan your Singapore honeymoon packages from India. Also, explore The Chek Jawa Wetlands, Explore History of Pulau Ubin, Explore Ubin Town, Sensory Trail, Butterfly Hill, Pekan Quarry etc.

Orchard Roa

If shopping is on your mind all the time even if you are on your honeymoon then head straight to Orchard Road of Singapore. One of the prime and a most popular hotspot amongst residents and visitors, and one of most famous shopping avenues in Asia. Orchard Road is relentlessly covered with some of the most high-end manufacturers and top quality shopping malls filled with budget-friendly to luxurious brands.

These streets named after the fruit orchards and lead to the flashy shopping complexes, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, upscale hotels and coffee chains. Dotted with a lot of seating underneath the shady trees. One can also go shopping at the luxurious outlets such as Dior or Armani.

Punggol Waterway Park

Punggol Waterway Park is a huge riverine theme and amusement park in Punggol covering up around 12.25 hectares of land and is the ideal vacation spot to invest some with your loved ones. The multi-purpose theme and amusement park are set in the natural environment of peaceful lush greenery and the offer some breathtaking panoramas. The waterway running through the Punggol Waterway Park is popular for currently being the longest man-made waterway in Singapore.

The Punggol Waterway Park is mainly divided into 4 themes that serve its visitors of all ages. The themes are as follows Green Gallery, Recreation Zone, Heritage Zone, Nature Cove. Perfect to get included in your honeymoon packages for Singapore.

Little India

A romantic trip to Singapore is not complete without paying a visit to Singapore's famous Little India local community. With a delicious odor and vivid hues of food teasing your all senses, the place offers your some of the delicious meals to get the actual taste of India in Singapore.

The true character of Singapore can be found in its fusion of numerous cultures. One such spot is called as Little India where multicolored buildings and gourmet food can be found and the chanting of mantras and hymns at mosques and temples fill the air with a soothing aura. Try to pay your visit to this wonderful area to get the best blend of all the cultures in Singapore.

Singapore is a unique gem of Asia where you can spend a week easily on your honeymoon. You must include these places in your Singapore honeymoon packages to get the best out of it.  

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