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The world is full of various and unique elements which are spread all over the world. Explore the world by traveling these pristine beaches of some major continents on the planet. Visit the world on your honeymoon and plan some exotic destinations and indulge yourself in various water sports activities.

Maldives, Asia

To pick out the best beach destination in Asia, Maldives is always on the top of the list. Each and every beach in the Maldives is breathtaking and spectacular. It can be claimed that the Maldives provides the most high-quality beach front vacation trips in Asia and most likely one of the ideal spot to plan your honeymoon in the entire world. You can take pleasure in such luxurious ambiance by staying at any of the magnificent water bungalows or more popularly called as water villa at any of the several resort hotels in the Maldives, and of course, the prices per day are really highly-priced. Each major resorts offer adventure trips with various price and make sure not to miss such adventure activities. Maldives honeymoon packages attract thousands of tourists to visit Asia.

Lizard Island, Australia

Lizard Island located in the northernmost region of Australia. It is an absolute exotic nirvana, a sanctuary of privacy, pleasure, and enjoyment. The only vacation resort on this hidden island is the Lizard Island Resort located perfectly near the world popular Great Barrier Reef. The position features world-class snorkeling, and scuba diving options with humpback whales, manta rays, dolphins, and sea turtles swimming in the waters alongside the exotic offshore reef fish. Lizard Island is a remote place and only accessible by personal seaplane from Cairns Airport terminal in northern Queensland in Australia. Book your Australia honeymoon packages age explore the deep Great Barrier Reef and get some new experience of scuba diving.

Red Beach, Greece, Europe

Red Beach is located in the far end northern end of Greece is definitely the most popular and exclusive seashore in Santorini, Greece and it is quite noticeable why it is known as the Red Beach. You will discover red sand surrounds the crystal clear seawater with volcanic lava red rocks pebbles where water is so clear that you can actually see the multicolored sea bottom. Red Beach is certainly an ideal place for scuba diving, however, it is recommended not to check out the beachfront in August as it is generally congested throughout this peak time.

Riambel Beach, Mauritius, Africa

Mauritius has elegant white beaches surrounded by lush greenery rainforests. is the ideal place to enjoy the romantic sunset on your honeymoon. The Riambel Beach is a white sand long beach stretches within close accessibility to the underwater coral reefs also it creates a shallow bay like areas which are perfect for swimming. Chose from any Mauritius honeymoon package and explore the place where you can experience your dream of walking into the sunset with your partner. The beach is still very much unexplored and calm leaving adequate room for privacy of the honeymoon seeker couple.

Frankly talking, there are plenty of other intercontinental beach travel vacation spots throughout the globe, probably countless numbers and some are yet to be discovered. As for now, wrap up your scuba gear and pieces of equipment and pack your suitcases and do not neglect your swimming suits to enjoy the best beaches of every continent on the planet. 

Breathtaking Beach locations From Different Continent Where You Can Spend Your Honeymoon

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