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When you think of Italy, prominent towns like Florence, Venice, and Rome undoubtedly come to mind. And although these places are home to amazing attractions such as the Statue of David, St. Mark’s Basilica, and the Trevi Fountain, they are also some of the most significant tourist attraction in the nation. Of course, traveling to these beautiful places and explore each of them should be on your traveling wish list. Here, we suggest six underrated regions that will help you plan your Italy honeymoon packages and witness the beauty of its traditions and culture.


Visiting Siena is like heading back in time (just like time traveling) to medieval Italy, where almost everything is still maintained to the time when it was initially constructed. Tranquil yet vivid, the avenues of Siena have a great deal to offer its visitors, which includes stunning landmarks such as Chiesa di San Domenico and the Duomo and tiny authentic restaurants and. The most fascinating landmark, however, is the Piazza del Campo this particular place is known as the central square where in Ancient time The Palio is held twice every summer(a traditional horse race).

Aside from exploring the narrow avenues of this World Heritage Site, you’ll also like to appreciate the delicious dishes. This city is home to some of the unique and best wines. We advise coupling a few glasses of wines with two traditionally delicious dishes: Ribollita, Tuscan vegetable soup and Pappardelle pasta with rabbit sauce.


The city of Bologna is home to some of the best and worldwide sausage recognized as Mortadella, are a vibrant city for residents and a quiet one for visitors. It’s a hard-working town, but concealed in-between walkways and side pavement. Streets are utter heaven for gourmet.

Make sure to acquire a food tour at the Quadrilatero or the Mercato Di Mezzo to taste the best food of your life, where you can delight yourself and your partner on your honeymoon with Bologna’s many special treats.


This tiny but cultural port city located on the east side of Adriatic Sea purely cannot be missed on your Italy honeymoon tour. Bari is built up of narrow streets with just enough for walking and strolling that make it a delight to get lost in the natural beauty of this honeymoon paradise. As you stroll around the city with your partner on your honeymoon, you’ll come across elegant medieval piazzas, Romanesque churches, and the Castello Normanno-Svevo (a Swabian castle). 

The main city of Puglia is more popularly known as the most sacred destinations of Europe. As you roam around the town, you may even come across a tucked-away alley where Italians make fresh homemade pasta out on the street. Bari is known for traditional delicious Italian dishes enriched with vegetables, seafood, and meat, such as orecchiette (ear-shaped) pasta and minestrone soup.


This tiny city is worth traveling to if you want to experience where prosciutto and Parmesan cheese are made – two of the most delicious and famous exports of Italy. It’s a charming city with hardly any cars, you’ll need to stroll or you can take a bicycle to roam around the region which makes your honeymoon more enjoyable. 

Aside from the world popular cheese and ham that made here, Parma is also residence to musical composers Toscanini and Verdi. Take a day trip to visit the headquarters of Lamborghini from Sant’Agata.

Italy is the best place you can choose in your Europe honeymoon packages from India to get the best out of your romantic trip. Explore the nature with the best Italian food and make your trip memorable.

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