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Legoland Malaysia is the best way to spend your kids’ holiday. A world full of fun and exciting elements waits for families with kids at this marvelous theme park. Go on adventuresome rollercoasters at Legoland Malaysia and take a part in Lego building activities and other interactive play in Legoland Malaysia.

Build your cars and race against your family and friends in Lego cars, or take your creative mind to build some unique structures. Are you looking for adventures? Explore the entire park from above on the Observation Towers; Jump the thrilling rides in this Legoland world and many more fun activities the whole family can enjoy. Plan your Malaysia holiday package to give your kids a lovely treat and explore the Best Family bonding vacation destination.

In 1968, the very first Legoland Resort was opened in Denmark and then in 1996 Legoland Windsor Resort located in England came to existence. After the success of these Legolands, other parks opened in the United States (California and Florida), Dubai, Malaysia, Japan, and Germany. The Lego parks in Shanghai, New York, and South Korea are currently under construction.

Lego Technic

This section is most suited to older kids and young adults. This particular place has the coolest roller coaster here along with a few other rides and surrounded by cool activities like programming robots in Lego Mindstorms. This roller coaster is for 8+-year-olds only. So below that can play in Mindstorms.

Land of Adventure

Land of Adventure has two separate themes – a Dino Island area and an Egyptian area. Egyptian area is a fun ride named the Lost Kingdom Adventure and a huge splash ride in the Dino Island area.  Land of Adventure is the best family vacation destination for a family with toddlers.

Lego Kingdoms

Lego Kingdoms is just like a street from fairytales full of castles, dragons, and knights. There are also rides that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Lego Kingdoms include two roller coasters – one appropriate for young kids named as the Dragon’s Apprentice and a big one named as the Dragon. After the ride you can enjoy in a giant play area, shop, till you drop, and have some delicious meals in the restaurant and food, stands where food is quite cheap.

Water Park

Be ready for a splashing wet fun with your families at the Water Park. Watch out the interactive play structures from Joker Soaker, frolicking in the sun just gets merrier, climb and slide down the body slides, float along the Build-A-Raft lazy river, ride the surf at the Lego wave pool. The water park is the best element in Legoland which makes this place the best Holiday destination for Families. Some of the major slides and entertaining spots are Beach Grill for having burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, drinks, and desserts. 

Brick Blaster for sliding down the tunnels of splashing water. Brick Café for having the delicious snacks, smoothies, and sandwiches and get re-energized to explore more on your trip. 

Build-A-Boat, it is a place where you can unleash your inner child and bring out the creative side in you. Take apart in Boatbuilding game and race it down to find out who is the best captain.

Build-A-Raft River, where your little masters can create a raft with colorful LEGO bricks. Splash Safari, it is the time to take your little ones in the water and let them splash in the specially designed pool for infant and toddlers. 

Imagination Station, Take a rest after some water activities and you can set your imagination free. Joker Soaker, it is a water-based playground for kids with interactive water activities and other nonstop fun in slides. 

Slide Racers is the best place to visit with your family and take part in slide racing on a mat. 

Wave Pool, to enjoy the amazing water wave and have the feeling of being in the vast ocean. Red Rush, ride along the 312-feet long curving track.

Lego land is much more than just these places. Plan your family tour to experience all these amazing activities with your family. Lego Land is the best all-inclusive resort destination among the other nations.

The Best Vacation Destination for Families- LegoLand Malaysia

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