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Bali is the best place to plan your honeymoon but there are thousands of Islands in Indonesia which are waiting for you to give them a visit. Include these amazing natural wonders in your Bali honeymoon packages to spent a lovely honeymoon at less crowded places with some of the best beaches you’ll ever see, volcanoes to climb, jungles to explore, it’s a wonderful country for hikers. But, with all these awesome island destinations, towns and bays to take a look at the archipelago. Here are the narrow down top spots in Indonesia.

Bukit Lawang

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Forest hiking and trekking, orangutan sightings and fireside singsongs and – Bukit Lawang is the access point to the gateway to adventure(Gunung Leuser National Park). You’ll find the riverside township three hours to the west of Medan with plenty of accommodation all featuring guided jungle experiences.

The residents will take you into the rainforest, where you’ll go through waters, and build a camp at the top of the hill after long hiking and trekking. From the summit of the hill, it is all about zip lining, rope swings, white water river rafting and explore one of the world’s biggest volcanic lake.

Gili Islands

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Put your cellphone away for the reason that these 3 tropical islands provide almost everything you require to spend a lovely honeymoon week of privacy and pleasure, which includes minimal internet. Just off the coastline of Lombok, the Gili Islands have one of the best beaches in Indonesia with fewer tourists making it the best place for spending a day on a beach.

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Best beach resort to have a comfortable stay. Gili Trawangan is the perfect place for spending nightlife at beanbag beach areas. Try paddle boarding, kite surfing and much more with your love. Gili Meno is popular for its calm beaches to swim around and Gili Air is the spot for pure escapism.

Mount Bromo

Feel the exotic experience at the mouth of a volcano. Plan your Cheap Bali packages to visit Mount Bromo and stay at the best hotels and resorts in the city of Surabaya located in the east Java which offers exclusive midnight ride to observe the stunning sunrise over the most hiked volcano on the nation.

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Once you’ve got over the extraordinary landscapes you trek up the volcano itself, where you’ll see lava and steam bubbling below. Try out some barbeque with some cocktail and spend your entire day with your partner.


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You'll get yourself a home-stay here no issue and would then be able to utilize Ubud as a base to visit the zone's encompassing sanctuaries, similar to the Pura Padang Kerta and the Elephant Cavern. With a lot of visits leaving from the town, you'll get the chance to dunk your toe in recuperating waters, appeal to the divine beings and envelop with bona fide batik across the board day.

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Back in the town itself, there's the popular monkey timberland, however, be careful with purchasing bananas except if you need to be mounted by a whirlwind of threatening monkeys.

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