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The family holiday is one such experience where you get to endure everything together. Bonding over a campfire or snorkeling with family or experiencing a hideout in the open nature with your loved ones, traveling with the family has its own charm. You must take a long week holiday at least ones a year to bring back the lost moments in the chaos of daily work. But the biggest obstacle to planning a family vacation can be a limited budget and family destination. Well, we have got it covered in this blog, here are the top places where you can travel with your family and have the amazing moment of your lifetime.

Malaysia: The Destination for Sun Lovers

Malaysia is the perfect place to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises. With so much diversified cultures like Malay,   European, Chinese, and Indian you will find the attraction of each of these cultures in the ancient heritage of the country. If you are looking for a family destination surrounded by pristine waters then this is the best places for you to plan your Malaysia holiday package.

Ideal Duration: 4-5 days.

Visa requirements: You would need a tourist visa.

Things to do in Malaysia: Snorkelling at Langkawi, Rejuvenate in Underwater World of Sipadan Island, Visit the Genting Highlands, Trekking in Taman Negara National Park, Visit the Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur.

Places to visit in Malaysia:  Semporna, Mersing, Gunung Mulu National Park, Taman Negara, Kinabalu Park, Sandakan, Ipoh, Redang Island, Putrajaya, Kota Kinabalu, Pengang Island, Langkawi, George Town, Kuala Lumpur.

Jordan: The Treasure of Arab

A fundamental rule of traveling – don’t foolishly believe what the media tells you just believe it yourself. While Jordan may not be the best tourist spot but it is one of the most amazing hotspots for people who are looking for a perfect family destination under their budget. From its mesmerizing Dead Sea to the ancient ruins of Amman to the monuments in Petra, you would love those iconic places.

Ideal Duration: 4-5 days.

Visa requirements: You can get a Visa on Arrival.

Things to do in Jordan:  Exploring local delicacies, Desert Safari in Wadi Rum, Exploring Dana Biosphere Reserve, Hiking in Jordan Valley, Exploring waterfalls in Ma’in, etc.
Places to visit in Jordan: Ajloun, Jerash, Fuheis, Pella, Salt, Umm Qais, Dead Sea, Al-Khazneh, Maqaba, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Petra.

Nepal: The Prowess of the Himalayas

The neighboring country, Nepal is one of the biggest budget destinations to plan a holiday trip with the family. From its mesmerizing valleys to the enchanting tall peaks, Nepal is the perfect family holiday destination. An ideal country with multiple scenic landscapes, adventure sports, abundant trekking trails, and Apart from adventure and sightseeing, It is also one of the iconic pilgrimage destinations.

Ideal Duration: 5-6 days.

How to reach Nepal: Nepal can be reached both through flights and through roads.
Visa requirements: No Visa is needed to visit Nepal.

Things to do in Nepal:  River Rafting in Bhote Koshi River, Mountain Biking in Kathmandu Valley, Paragliding in Pokhara, Panoramic flight over Himalayan Peaks, Trekking, etc.

Places to visit in Nepal: Ghandruk, Namche Bazaar, Pokhara, Upper Mustang, Langtang National Park, Boudhanath, Nagarkot, Kathmandu.

Traveling with family is always fun. It helps you to come closer to your loved ones. So take some time and travel to some of the best family friendly places under your budget.

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Traveling is fun but if it is done by planning and you actually enjoy your journey. Most of the time at the end of the journey you might find yourself so tired after numbers of sightseeing that you might feel you don't really have a great time. Back at home, you want some more days off to relax and recover from the long vacations. Check out the best ways which help you plan a great holiday and avoid such mistakes.

Prefer To Work With A Guide 

Working with a guide is the best thing you can do if you are new to any place. You can make your trip more enjoyable because the guide knows exactly what to do and what places should your visit according to your needs and interest. You don't need to waste your time while searching the internet to find amazing things to do on your vacation. Most of the Best Holiday Packages from India included Guided tours.

Wear Plenty Of Sunscreens

You should wear plenty of sunscreens especially if you are traveling to a tropical place where the temperature can easily reach up to as high as 40°C in a normal summer season. Getting a sunburn is one of the few worse things that you can experience in the absence of Sunscreen. You can enjoy your time outside as long as you wear plenty of sunscreens and make sure you reapply it every few hours.

Do Not Skip Your Meals And Snacks 

Many tourists try to cover as many tourists spots as they can and they make their schedule so hectic that they skip lunch or breakfast. Having a perfect 3 meals a day and have snacks between meals.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is an essential need of our body and you can't ignore it while traveling. Keep a water bottle with you and drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water to make sure you get enough fluids. It keeps your body hydrated.

Pack Right And Pack Light

When you are packing it is good to pack one additional dress and leave a few things at home. There are plenty of shops there and if you need anything urgent you can buy it from local stores. 

Put The Phone Aside To Enjoy

While you may want to use your cell phone to click some selfies or to capture the scenic beauty of your destination, you should still put it away from you to enjoy your trip and not to check your notification after every 10 minutes. The more time that you spent focused on the apps and games on your screen, the less time you'll have to focus on what's in front of you. Plan your best holiday packages and give some time to yourself and your partner on your honeymoon.

Get Enough Sleep On Your Journey

It's often troublesome for some tourists to get enough sleep while traveling. For a healthy mind and body, you must take at least 6 hours of sleep. This will feel energetic and you can enjoy roaming around local sites.

Take Frequent Breaks On Your Journey

Whether you driving or riding, you should take some breaks intervals to relax and refresh. Must take a pullover after every 3 hr driving where you can get up and do stretches. 

These are the best ways to plan a perfect Honeymoon Tour Packages from India and make your holiday even more enjoyable.

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There are nations for which acquiring a Visa is the biggest task for a traveler. There are nations which execute it moderately easy. There are nations which completely welcomes its tourists and offer Visa On Arrival. And some of the nations allow Indians to enter their nations without any visa. Yes, they do really exist. Pack your bags and book Best Holiday Packages from India to experience some of the best places in the world where Indian doesn't require any visa. 


You can sojourn there for travel goals for 30 days. Get ready to witness the beauty of this amazing nation with plenty of temples and pristine beaches. Bali honeymoon packages attract the majority of tourists in Indonesia.


This neighboring nation is blessed with some of the best panoramic landscapes. Situated at the foot of Himalaya. Nepal offers free arrival and even offer Indian currency as a mode of trading. Indians can carry Indian currency in a limit and so all the transaction in Indian domination.


You just need some primary identification documents such as passport, license, addhar card, and voter card etc to get into the country. Just a few essential id cards and you can enjoy Bhutan's stunning valleys, dedicated spiritualism, delicious food, unique culture, religious monasteries, and high mountains.


While there are some primary identification documents required for Indians to enter in Serbia, the formal appellation is Visa Not Required for Indians and it is only applicable for tourism purposes only for not more than 60 days. Get ready to travel some of the most magnificent churches, ancient monasteries, and historical attractions around the world.


If you have a letter of invitation from a host you can stay here for 30 days with that letter and you don't need to apply for any visa. This place is not less than a wonder. Explore pristine beaches, hike, and trek on the mountains, camping around dense rainforests, and locate the magnificent architecture on your honeymoon Tour Packages from India.

Cook Islands 

You can chill in the Cook Islands for 31 days without a Visa. Climb your heart out, enjoy water sports or simply laze around on the shorelines or experience some of the best water sports activities.


Fiji will give you access without such a large number of inquiries and with only a couple of fundamental reports. It's a heaven for water babies. Swimming, rowing, and cruising are only a portion of the things you can do there.

These are the best destination to plan a perfect Honeymoon tour packages and to enjoy the best moments of your lifetime . 

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