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Children on Safari
With all the wilderness and adventure, there is no better place than Africa if a safari tour is what you seek. Affordable safari packages have made this country a heaven for safari enthusiasts. Safari tours no longer swear by the traditional realm of game watching which once used to be the highlight of any African safari. With more and more safari ideas streaming down the list, Africa will proffer you with an experience you’ve never had before… all you need to do is to choose wisely.

Below is a list of some of the best African safari tours you can pick from.

Balloon Safari

These hand-picked safari ideas will for sure get your endorphins gushing and testosterone rolling, at the least. Safari ideas can differ from person to person and this is why we have categorized the content into multiple segments for you to have a better idea of what is being offered.

Kings Pool Camp

Hope it helps you make a better judgement before you book your next safari tour.

This one is a one-size-fits-all package where you can even bring your kids along.

Family Safari

Kenya, Malawi and a few other places such as the Island of Sao Tome are ideal for family safari tours. Affordable safari packages, coupled with year-round sunshine, wildlife, beaches and humble locals contribute to the main ingredients of this power-packed holiday.

Family Adventurers Safari Tour

Learn how to track animals, make fire with stones or wood, and cook in a bush kitchen… the tour gets better as you delve further.

Safari Tour Camp

Some of the ideal safari ideas under this category include-

Sao Tome Island Safari—

Sao Tome Island Safari

Patented with exquisite waterfalls, white sandy beaches, dense rainforests and breathtaking scenery make this safari worth the trip.

Camel Safari—

Camel Safari

Exploring remote valleys, wilderness and the hills and plains of Laikipia, Kenya can be the one of the most exciting ventures you have ever gone for.

Southern Malawi safari—

Southern Malawi safari

Malawi is beautiful, made more appealing by two of the most visited destinations- the Liwonde National Park (offers game viewing) and the Mumbo Island (ideal for chilling out). You can even opt to relax in the clear waters of Cape Maclear.


Africa Beauty

Ever wondered how the safaris taken by your parents felt like? Well, here is a taste of those old-school, traditional African safaris which folks these days don’t get to experience.

Sunway Safaris

We have picked some of the best traditional African safari tours under this category that will provide you a glimpse of the past.

Botswana Camp Safari–

Botswana Camp Safari

A camping trip to Botswana provides an insight on the yesteryears’ safari tradition. Wildlife, rainforests and reserved forests of the Okavango Delta and the Linyanti Spillway is all you need to go down the memory lane.

Tanzania Migration Safari—

Tanzania Migration Safari

The Serengeti area in Tanzania is quite popular for the annual migration of seasonal migratory birds. You can also sign up for a trip to the Ngorongoro Crater and Manyara, Just the way your grandparents used to do.

Kenya Safari—

Kenya Safari

Amazing elephant sightings combined with unrivalled views of Mount Kilimanjaro… need we say more?


Canoeing Zambezi Safari

Zimbabwe is ideal for safaris of this kind. With several African rivers including the famous Zambezi River, you can indulge yourself in an amazing canoe safari tour that takes you on a trip to Mana Pools National Park or Lower Zambezi National Park along with wild camping.

Zambezi River

Some of the most popular canoe safaris include-

Selinda Canoe Trail—

Selinda Canoe Trail

The Selinda Spillway in southern Australia is ideal for adventurous canoe safari. The route encompasses the Okavango Delta and the Linyanti in northern Botswana.

Lower Zambezi Canoe Safari—

Lower Zambezi Canoe Safari

One of the best ways to experience big game and real African wilderness, the lower Zambezi canoe safari is one of the most affordable safari packages which covers Chirundu and Mana Pools World Heritage Site.

Mana Pools Safari

Canoe past the tamarind plantations from Crirundu to Mana Pools and witness the dense rainforests with some amazing wildlife as you row by. We have never heard of a better canoe safari!


Walking Safaris

Wildlife Safari on rides is commonplace; walking safari is quaint but gives you a taste of the authentic Africa. As soon as you lay your feet on the round, you get to feel, smell and hear Africa! Fair enough?

Wildlife Safari

The most intimate route to exploring Africa in the truest sense id the pick up the pulse of African bush on foot. Love game watching? A walking safari is the ideal way to get into areas where animals have made it their habitat “on the bush”! The South Luangwa walking safari in a perfect example falling under this category.

Walking African Safaris

We have come to the end of this blog but the list doesn't end here. The next part of this African safari tour blog will cover another list of the most amazing safari ideas you never knew existed. Stay tuned!

Best Safari Tours to Pick From

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Tree Houses Stay
As children, tree houses are the best place to shroud and appreciate their greatly needed security. As grown-ups as well, we all like to invest some energy in the surprising and simple tree houses. The idea of a tree house may differ for every one of us. But, simply its being near to nature for a refreshing feeling.

Tree House in Japan

Be it an excursion with your beloved, a play time with your nearby companions or simply for the need of 'personal time', a tree house will dependably be the best place. Here is a rundown of main six tree places of our planet.


Tree House

This picturesque imitation is based on the parameters of four exiting trees with the help of stretchable cables suspended over them. This particular architecture has the basic objective to offer a delicate balance without putting any impact over nearby surroundings.

Cool Tree House

This tall structural foundation has three levels with varying transparency. This marvelous tree house offers a relaxed sense with daydreaming like feeling. This natural place has private settings more than any exciting one, in a form of valuable shelter.

World’s largest tree house at Alnwick Gardens

Tree House at Alnwick Gardens

A restaurant with proper seats, divisions, private dining area and a shop like entire sections in one tree house. Built across six hundred square feet, the tree house at Alnwick Gardens is one of the largest tree houses made from wood in the world.

Alnwick Gardens Tree House

It was designed on the directives of the Duke and the Duchess of a county of North East England, Northumberland. It counts as the perfect place for relaxing when you are in your sweats after exploring the numerous treetop walkways and turrets which are a part of Alnwick Gardens.

The Nescafe Nest

The Nescafe Nest

This fantastic tree house was planned for a commercial espresso brand-Nescafe. It was broadcasted on Japanese TV with the help of promoting organization of Tokyo and Takashi Kobayashi, an eminent tree house maker in Japan.

Tree House Party

He fabricated thousand tree houses in a perfect bird’s home shape along round staircase facility. After this ad shoot of Nestle, the producers offered it to the local people of Hollaido (Japan’s Island).

Free Spirit Spheres

Free Spirit Spheres

Tom Chudleigh offered us best environment friendly solution in a form of Free Spirit Spheres Tree house. Here the basic reason behind its designing is coexistence with the surrounding green environment without any disturbance or harm.

Free Spirit Spheres Tree House

Such wooden sphere hanged with the cables and stairways also with the tree as well. The best part about this creation is its comfortable fit in a forest environment apart from any disturbance with natural settings.


Sybarite Tree House

This wonderful concept of Sybarite tree house has a fantastic setup from one to five rooms as it has pre-assembled particular areas and adaptable structure. The beautiful windows are perfect to get refreshing morning daylight along the pleasurable sundown and dusk sees.

Fiberglass Design of Sybarite

The majority of items utilized for this tree house is reused and light weight. Simply it is easy to installed design of the forest sites with the help of its pre-assembled outline.

O2 Tree House

O2 Tree House

Dustin Feider, as the designer has the entire credit about the recent concept of habitat and tree house together. The recycled and harmless material is perfect for the health and surrounding environment.

Tree House Hotel

It was first concept based on sufficient width along the customization options in interior and size as per the need. In my views, Tree house is a best way to enjoy the company of your companion in a unique manner.

Couple at Alnwick Tree House

Overall, these are marvellous options to stay in touch with nature.

Enjoy your stay with tree houses as best natural accommodation

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Crazy Things
If you’ve been feeling like the proverbial hamster, going round-and-round on the wheel of life, but not ever doing what you actually want to do—
Then these crazy bucket list ideas just might be the thing you need to get your own list freshened-up and finalized. As said by Mark Twain, “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

These Crazy bucket list ideas aren’t in any particular order. Here we go!

The Polar Plunge

The Polar Plunge

Yes, you heard me right!

Polar Bear Plunge Ice

This sub-temperature dive of a lifetime is crazy enough to blow you off your mind!

Running with Bulls in Spain

Running with Bulls

This is just about as crazy as it sounds to be. The San Fermin Festival takes place in Pamplona, which is the capital of Navarre, Spain.

Running with Bulls in Spain

This ‘run for your life’ thrill-seeking adventure takes place each year on July 6, and ends on July 14. Put a check-mark on your bucket list for this one, and you’ll be sure to have a crazy story to tell for years to come.

Swimming with the sharks

Swimming with the sharks

Yup! Can anything be “more” scary?

Swimming with the sharks Australia

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is ideal for this one.

Motorcycle Adventure in Vietnam

Motorcycle Adventure

This is another crazy idea.

Motorcycle Adventure in Vietnam

The wild terrain of this awesomely amazing country provides challenging tracks even to the most expert motorists, and this is a ride you will definitely remember for the rest of our lives.

Climb The Heavenly Stairs

Climb The Heavenly Stairs

Yes, we know it’s the most dangerous hikes on the planet, but then again, you are here to do crazy things, remember?

Climb The Heavenly Stairs China

The view is superb and just one wrong move will land you up in heaven. Fair enough?

Underwater trip to Australia’s “Cage of Death”

Underwater trip to Australia

Submerged within a completely transparent tube, you’ll have the thrill of your life as giant crocodiles attempt to kill you. Yes, this is one of the craziest!

Get Your Hair Groomed By a Monkey

Hair Groomed By a Monkey

Though you can experience this one all over Asia, but Philippines is the place we suggest. These little guys are trained to look for bugs and lice in your hair.

Crazy Baby

It sounds strange, but if you talk to someone who’s had “their hair done” like this, they’ll tell you… “It actually felt good.”

Seven Crazy Things You Should Try Before You Die

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