Top Adorable Things To Experience In Mauritius On Your Honeymoon Trip To Mauritius

Mauritius, the ideal place for planning a romantic honeymoon tour in Africa. Mauritius is blessed with some of the best beaches with golden sand and pristine crystal clear water and lush greenery. If you are looking for a calm place where you can plan your honeymoon than this is the best option you can get. With so many nationwide attractions and activities, find out what to do and experience in your Mauritius honeymoon packages.

Take A Selfie At Mauritius’ Seven Coloured Earths

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One of the island’s most interesting physical phenomenons is the Seven Coloured Earths. It is a place where a colorful geological formation occurred during the millions of years. Seven Coloured Earths is no less than a wonder. The multi-colored lunar-like landscape consists of gravel dunes in unique seven distinct colors as yellow, purple, blue, green, violet, brown, and red, which never decay in spite of torrential monsoons and unfavorable climatic conditions. You will also find some giant tortoises and a children’s playground if you are looking for a family holiday.

Feast Your Eyes At Maconde

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No holiday is complete Mauritius without exploring the Maconde in your Mauritius honeymoon tour package. Maconde is located on the south-west point of Mauritius, where you can experience remarkable views of the southern coast of the island. This place is one of the best picture perfect places in Mauritius. For perfect photographs of your honeymoon head to Maconde and capture the stunning beauty of this natural wonder.

Go On A Sunset Cruise

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Mauritius overflows extravagance and in case you're searching for the best part of it, why not go on an extraordinary sunset cruise with your partner on your Mauritius honeymoon packages from India? From 6 pm till 8 pm, JPH Contracts offer sailboat sunset travels along the western side of the island. Beginning from the Dark Stream, you'll experience a tropical sunset as you voyage along the coastline down to Tamarin Narrows. 

Find Mauritius' Legacy At The Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne, with a summit of 1,824 ft (586 meters) above ocean level, is a standout amongst the most beautiful sights in Mauritius. The stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site was previously a shelter for rampant slaves, who framed little settlements in the caverns and on the summit of Le Morne. You can eat and toast here with a menu of fish and chicken sticks, wine, soda pops,   rum, lager, olives, hotdogs etc.

Feel Mauritius' Breeze

Mauritius' blustery east coast is a most loved with windsurfers and the selective Club Mistral Distinction at St. Regis Resort Mauritius provides food for all travelers. One Eye on Le Morne Promontory is cast a ballot the third best kite surfing spot on earth and is an installation on the yearly Kite Surfing Star Best on the planet Visit. You can take a stab at kite surfing with Le Morne Kite School.

Explore Its Unique History And Delicious Street Food

My Moris is a social visiting organization established by Maya and Shakti. Their visits help guests see Mauritius 'from within' through its history, religions, dialects, artworks, and food. Their An Investigation Of Port-Louis' Road Sustenance visit is one of the extraordinary approaches to find the cosmopolitan legacy, just as the tasty road nourishment slows down of city. Every area recounts an alternate story, from the powerful fragrance of zest road to the clamoring China Town. At each stop, you'll test commonplace Mauritian road sustenance, incorporating steamed dumplings in soup, broiled stew cakes and gato brinzel, a fiery aubergine misuse.

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