Surprisingly Underrated Destinations in South East Asia

South East Asia is the dream of every traveler. It includes all the essential elements you could want in your South East Asia trip. From stunning beaches, buzzing cities, dirt cheap food, plenty of water sports activities, plenty of temples to numerous ancient cites to get a glimpse of history. With unique culture and traditions, Asia is a place for all age group. It’s no wonder it’s the most popular location for tourists to spend their holiday. 

This list will help you out to plan your lovely and perfect itinerary and answer your questions like, where are the more secluded spots?  Where can you find less crowd? And What are the best places to visit? What sports activities to choose? etc

Hue, Vietnam

This Hue is not a color here. Hue (pronounced as Hway in Vietnam) is an ancient small town located in central Vietnam that doesn’t get much attention as it should. This place is just a 60 minutes ride from both Ho Chi Minh City and capital city Hanoi, Hue was once the capital of ancient Vietnam at the time of American-Vietnam War, you can still observe the remains of many imperials buildings.

Most endless historic ruins are also designated UNESCO World Heritage sites making it a more popular place for tourists. Perfume River is the perfect location for honeymooners to spend their honeymoon at such a beautiful place to enjoy the peace and calmness of nature on their honeymoon.

Krabi, Thailand

We’ve all heard of the exotic paradise in Thailand that is Phuket. So, it receives most of the Thailand tourists crowd and you can find a relatively high rise in price. But if you are ready to go a bit more off the usual path and want to explore the natural and untamed place of Thailand, Krabi is calling your name. Krabi is as beautiful as Phuket with less crowd. Krabi’s spectacular hidden coves, towering limestone cliffs, and mesmerizing white sand beaches are just waiting to be discovered.

Railay Beach is rarely loaded with tourists, giving it an almost ancient heaven sort of feel. If just relaxing on the seashore isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry Krabi covered everything for you as it is one of the best places in Thailand for most astounding rock climbing. Book your Thailand holiday tour packages and get the best vacation at the most underrated place in Thailand.

Palawan, Philippines

It is debatable that the Philippines in Asia, in general, are under-appreciated and completely underrated. As a whole, they are exotic islands with incredible beaches and crystal clear waters and plenty of vacation worthy fun activities for all age group. Palawan has been voted the best island in the world multiple times still it receives less amount of tourists.

This tiny slice of tropical paradise not only has dazzling emerald green waters, lush green mountains, tiny fishing villages, but some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling water sports activities in the world. If you are lucky enough you can run into one of the rare purple crabs or dive amongst the pristine shipwrecks.

Luang Prabang, Laos

The religious and spiritual epicenter of Laos, Luang Prabang is absolutely nothing short of exceptional. this magnificent place is often overshadowed by other South East Asian cities (i.e. Ho Chi Minh City,  Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi etc), Luang Prabang is more like a warm and friendly small town than your typical metropolis. Don’t let that prevent you though. It is more popular for its stunningly well preserved ancient stunningly monasteries and Buddhist temples.

The delicacies are the best part of the tour, taste some of the best food around Laos such as sticky rice, country’s staple, and dumpling soup. Check out the exciting adventure activities such as kayaking, hiking, and biking. Walk around the street and take your taste buds for a ride.

South East Asia is one of the best places in the world for traveling with your partner and spends some amazing quality time. Book your Thailand honeymoon package from India and visit some of the less traveled places around.


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