Fun places to spend Memorable Holiday in Mauritius

Mauritius is a great place when it comes to beaches and this place is one of the best in entire Asia. Honeymooners choose this place for its amazing beaches, lush green tropical rainforests, a wide range of flora and fauna, unlimited varieties of marine creatures. A calm and silent place to invent your holiday in a peaceful environment. Read the article to get to know what places to visit in your trip.


The Pereybere beach is really preferred among tourists. Keep it in your checklist of the places you want to see among all the tourist places in Mauritius if you love snorkeling and deep sea diving. Even though the water is not so deep in comparison to other beach locations making it the best place for snorkeling and amazing sea walking. Get your honeymoon packages for Mauritius and enjoy your honeymoon at one of the best places in Asia. This beach is mainly famous for its amazing coral and aquatic life. A feast for your eyes especially for beach lovers.

La Cambuse

Actually, you can’t be puzzled about which types of beach to pick among all these popular tourist destinations in Mauritius if exciting sports push your adrenaline rush. Continue to keep La Cambuse beach as a must visit in your bucket list. Classified as one of the hidden spots in Mauritius, it is situated on the eastern side of the international airport. The white fine sand and amazingly clear water will absolutely invite you for a swim with your partner on your Mauritius holiday packages. This beach is mainly famous for adventure swimming sport.

Le Morne

Le Morne beach is an ideal place for those who love water sports and really are adventure junkies. Backed by Le Morne Mountain, this place is one of the perfect places where you can go swimming. Scuba diving is the main activity you can do a honeymoon trip to Mauritius. However, one must stay conscious of the various water sports activities going around when you are enjoying yours. due to its geographical location, this place is popular for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Black River Gorges National Park

If outrageous adventure is your unique style, then make a visit to Black River Gorges National Park. Distribute over an area of roughly 70 km, it is best for the professional photographers looking for flora and fauna. The park field areas can come in practical knowledge to know more about the national park. While hiking, one can find a number of wild Chinese guava, privets, rusa deer, and pigs. Some of the vulnerable species of wild birds and creatures can even be seen in this spectacular national park. A perfect place for camping and Hiking.

Mauritius never disappoints you in any way. Get your Mauritius holiday packages from india and make your honeymoon a special treat for your partner.

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