Explore the London from Every Angle

London is the most frequented traveled city in Europe. It attracts around 27 million guests every year, It’s no wonder that London is the best choice of so many tourists. It is the first preference to plan your Europe honeymoon packages. The city was established by the Romans and has flourished over the generations. Today, London is one of the most diversified urban centers in the world, with a vibrant historical past and some of the spectacular lifestyle on the earth. The City of London is the historical middle of London, UK but is, in fact, the smallest town in England. Get ready to witness some world’s best history, dining, shopping, entertainment, and art.

Roam Around the Westminster

Westminster is regarded as the political heart of London and is a place where you can find some of the amazing buildings of the UK such as the world-famous Big Ben and of Parliament. Big Ben is the name of the most iconic clock tower, and it continues to chimes each and every single hour.

You can also discover Westminster Abbey here, usually open to the general public for most of the days. While traveling to these points of interest, be sure to relax your foot in Parliament Square which attributes the status of crucial political individuals including Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela. The best way you can enjoy your United Kingdom honeymoon package.

Gets the Best View of London in London Eye

A journey to London isn’t complete without having a stop by to the legendary and iconic thing in London named as London Eye. Initially designed to rejoice the century, the London Eye is a massive Ferris wheel featuring some of the amazing and gorgeous views all over the entire city. At night, the Ferris wheel is illuminated in vibrant colors and is the focal point of the main attraction of the annual New Year’s fireworks display in London.

You can visit one of the ample pods specially designed to get the maximum out of minimum space. You can visit the pod with other visitors or just book the entire private pod for you and your someone special. The best way to impress your partner on your honeymoon. Get some spectacular views of entire London. After visiting the London eye plan your trip to the adjoining London Aquarium to see marine animals from all over the world, including crocodiles, seahorses, and jellyfish.

Thames Cruise

The Thames is the main lifeblood of entire London, connecting industry to the main city for decades. The Thames is the longest and most useful river of England, connecting to the North Sea at its conclusion. It has been the platform for agreements since ancient times and was a specific significance to the English Kings and Romans, as well as through both World Wars.

There are a variety of cruise providers in London providing amazing cruises across the Thames. Cruises run as on a regular basis as every half an hour from various major locations. The cruise trips pass various key sightseeing destinations, which includes the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, and Tower Bridge.

Buckingham Palace

A trip to London is incomplete without walking by means of beautiful Park to capture the view of Buckingham Palace in London. The structure has been residence to the United kingdom Royal Family since 18th century. It features more than 750 rooms and it owns the largest private garden in the entire London.

Some of the place in this palace is open to guests so you can check out some of the little parts of the noble lifestyle. From outdoors, watch the world-famous Shifting of the Guard. This process occurs a few times each and every day and is an excellent chance to experience an ancient tradition and the extreme discipline of the Royal Guard. Get some pics clicked with a royal guard on your United kingdom honeymoon packages from India.


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