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Incredible India
Whether it is the snow wrapped hills of J&K or scorching plains of South, India is totally a land of Paradox –truly incredible all the way. Travelling in India is no lesser than a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, swings and jerks that may leave you exhausted but thrilled and bewildered at the same time. If you think that you have seen everything in India then it’s time to think again. India is so vast and diverse that one life isn’t enough to see and understand it completely.

Credibly Incredible India

It is an unsolved mystery that needs to solve yet. Like terrain, people’s faith, believe custom, religion and life style changes with every single move forward. India is a complete-movie package that has emotion, drama, action, suspense, thrill and adventure that makes anybody wonder-struck.

Royal Elephant Ride

Whether you call it amazing, incredible and bizarre, India- the wonderland never fails to astonish anybody. It is full of surprises that need to untangle yet like these-

Hanging Pillar – Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

Hanging Pillar-Incredible Place in Andhra Pradesh

India is a land of wonders, in which Veerabhadra Temple has one of the popular name due to its 'Hanging Pillar'. To discover this world renowned attraction, we've to cover scenic drive from Bangalore to a small silk weaving town of Lepakshi.

Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi

The town has an ancient temple atop a small tortoise shaped hill. This gorgeous architectural example has fascinating features of huge Nandi, fresco paintings, carvings and 70 pillars. But, one of such 70 pillars is a hanging pillar which doesn't have contact with the ground and generated great curiosity.

Floating Stones – Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

Floating Stones- Amazing Thing to See

The famous Hindu mythological epic, Ramayana beautifully explains the linking between India (Rameshwaram) and Sri Lanka (Mannar Island) in a form of Adam's bridge across Palk Strait. But, behind this more than 17 million past construction there is a mythological twist. According to which, it is a manmade bridge made up of floating stones constructed by Lord Rama and his ape army, to bring back Lordess Sita.

Floating Stones in Rameshwaram

Even it is scientifically proved that such Floating Stones (of 40 chemicals) have similar composition as that of normal ones. But, nobody could be able to find out its floating reason and it still remains a part of the mystery.

Balancing Rock – Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Balancing Rock-Mahabalipuram

The famous Indian State, Tamil Nadu has a popular tourist attraction of Mahabalipuram which attracts worldwide tourists with an unexplained mystery of 'Balancing Rock'. In local language this rock is pronounced as "Vaanirai Kal" which literally means "Stone of The Sky God". Here this huge rock of around 250 tons shows a magical balancing act without any support. 

Balancing Rock-Incredible Place in Tamil Nadu

It is 20 feet high and 5 meter wide rock which stands on a narrow, slippery area of hill and opposes the laws of Physics. This big structure with a hard to believe fact is also known as Krishna's Butter Ball. The site of this stationary rock (around 1200 years past) is a quite popular attraction among locals, tourists and researchers.

Natural Mummy at Gue in Spiti

Himachal Valley Amazing Place

Located at an altitude of almost 3000 meters, Gue is a small village in the Spiti district of Himachal where lays India’s only known naturally preserved 500 year-old mummy of Buddhist monk Sangha Tenzin, from Tibet.

Spiti District in Himachal

The monk had undergone mummification when he was still alive, which was very complex and painful process. It was recovered in sitting position with hair and skin intact.

Spiti Mummy Tomb-Incredible Place

It is said that the locals knew about the mummy since 1975 when an earthquake struck the region and brought down the part of the tomb lying.

Natural Mummy-Incredible India

Well nothing much is known about the origin of the mummy except the local anecdote and hearsays. Mummy is kept in a temple perched on the hilltop at the end of the village.

Magnetic Hills Ladakh

Magnetic Hills-Incredible Place in Ladakh

Playing with magnets and attracting iron chunks is an activity that we all love to do in childhood, but what if suddenly your vehicle rolls up a steep mountain, with its ignition off. Definitely, your first reaction would be ‘Are you a nuts’? How could it be possible?

Magnetic Hills Ladakh

Well, this magnetic magic can be experienced while traveling to Leh-Ladhak, around 360 KM from Jammu. Known as Magnetic Hill, visiting here would be a thrilling experience, but actually it is just an optical illusion caused by gravity hill that gives an illusion of gear off vehicle moving up.

Magnetic Hill Amazing Place

Shetpal- Snake at every home

Shetpal Village of Snake-Incredible

What if one day you have to host a snake as a guest? Well, it may sound bizarre and send shivers down your spine, but every house in Shetpal, in Sholapur district of Maharashtra welcomes this unusual and strange guest.

Shetpal Sholapur Maharastra

Each house in this village has a resting place for dangerous Cobra snakes in the wooden rafters of their ceilings to protect them.

Village of Cobra Snakes-Amazing

These Cobras for villagers are the personification of reverence and respect to lord Shiva and roam freely in the houses. Till now, not even a single case of snake bite ever reported from this village. Strange, But true – an amazing blend of believe and custom.

Stone Images of Snakes in a Hindu Temple

Karni Mata Temple Rajasthan, where rats are worshiped

Karni Mata Temple-Incredible Place

Popularly known as rat temple, Karni Mata temple at Deshnoke, Rajasthan, India is different from usual shrines in India.

Karni Mata Temple Rajasthan

Home to more than 20,000 rats, this temple displays interesting sights of rats being worshipped– as an embodiment of respect and admiration to Mata Karni. Popularly known as cubes, these rats are considered as the reincarnated form of the Family members of Mata Karni.

Rats at Karni Mata Temple

Jatinga, Assam: Unusual Mass Bird Suicide

Jatinga Assam-Incredible Place

Snuggled amongst the Borai hills of Assam, Jatinga a quaint village in Dima Hasao District is famous for the Bird Suicide Mystery. Commonly known as Death Valley for Birds, in every monsoon between September and October, this idyllic village, witness an unusual uncanny phenomenon of Mass bird Suicide.

Jatinga Mass bird Sucide

Hundreds of migratory birds during dark and foggy nights fly at their maximum towards trees and building and succumb to the injuries.

Mass bird Suicide-Incredible

This 'mass bird suicide' was first brought to global attention by famous naturalist E.P. Gee in the 1960s and since then, it has remained one of the world's unsolved mysteries.

Unusual Mass Bird Suicide

RoopKund: Land of Skeletons

Land of Skeletons

Guarded by the two Himalayan peaks Trishul and Nanda Gunti, RoopKund Lake remains inaccessible for most of years, but it is one of the most beautiful lake trek with notorious past.

Roopkund Lake Uttarakhand

With many tales roving around the mysterious past of Roopkund, the major attraction of this lake is the 600 odd human skeletons that were discovered here. Dated back to around 850 AD these skeletons are clearly visible at the bottom of a lake when the layer of snow depletes in the summers.

Roopkund Land of Skeletons-Incredible India

According to local lore, this entourage had earned the fury of the local deity, Latu, who sent a terrible hail storm their way, which eventually killed them.

Loktak Lake -World Only floating Lake

Floating Lake-Amazing Place

You must be surprised to know that India is the home to the world’s only floating lake. As a mother, Loktak Lake gives shelter to a plethora of flora and fauna to thrive on its bed which appears like floating over it.

Floating Masses of plants in Lake

These floating masses of plants and organic matter in various stages of decomposition are called Phumdis. Spreading across the sprawling 40 km, Keibul Lamjao is largest of all the Phumdis & is the only national park in the world that floats over it.

Loktak Lake

Home to the endangered Shanghai or Manipur brow antlered deer, one of the subspecies of the Eld’s deer, it is situated in the south-eastern shore of the lake. These floating Phumdis produced such a spell bounded sight that will dazzle your eyes.

Loktak Lake Manipur

Mayong: Land of Black Magic

Land of Black Magic-Incredible India

Lies on the bank of the river Brahmaputra, approximately 40 km from the city of Guwahti, for generations Mayong, a village in Assam is known as the black magic capital of India.

Black Magic Land-Mayong Assam

Shrouded under the mysteries, many accounts of black magic, men disappearing into thin air, human converting into a beast, being tamed and human sacrifices, are associated with this place.

Black Magic

In its heydays, Mayong was considered the birthplace of magic art and apprentices across the world come here to learn the craft of sorcery and magic. Well with time, maybe its glory has faded away, but still it is a paradise for the magic practitioners.

Mayong Black Magic

People through generations are practicing black magic and many ancient relics of Ayurveda and black magic are now preserved in the Mayong Central Museum. Strange yet Fascinating.

Mayong Birthplace of Magic

The Gravity Defying Palace: Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara-Incredible Place

What will you do if somebody left you in the hall 50 meters long and 15 meters wide held up without any external support? You might choke up at the obvious thought of its collapse. But don’t worry, nothing like this going to happen.

Bara Imambara Lucknow

Well, you can call it wonder or supremacy of human architectural art, the Bara Imambara, the gravity defying palace at Lucknow is a marvel in it that has been erected without any external support.

Arabic and Europea Architecture

The main hall was exclusively constructed in interlocked brickworks and is famous for its architecture. Built in 1784 by the fourth Nawab, Barak Imambara Asaf-ud-Daula it is a blend of Arabic and European Architecture.

Bara Imambara Palace-Amazing Place

Twins Village of Kodinhi, in Kerala

Twins Village-Incredible India

Kodinhi village in the Malappuram district of Kerala bewildered scientist across the world with its twin’s mystery. For the population of 2000 people, this quiet village has around 220 pairs of twins at present.

Twins Village of Kodinhi

With about 15 pairs being born every year it truly deserved the title of “Twin town”.

Twin Town Kerela

Yet ascertain about the actual cause of the high rate of twin’s birth in this village, it has 6 time higher twin birth rate then the rest of the world which is a huge difference.


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